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May 22, 2019

Today’s episode is all about radical transparency! Authenticity, vulnerability, and letting your partner in on your thoughts and feelings, all offer an opportunity to grow as a couple. And the couple joining us today, Nicholas and Amanda Bayerle are such great examples of this! They got married young and have learned how to consistently grow together, be completely honest with one another, and successfully work together as a couple business-wise!


Nicholas and Amanda Bayerle are the co-founders of Billion Dollar Body — the #1 lifestyle brand for men to reach their ultimate health, power, and confidence. Their mission is to help men become their best selves through re-defining what it means to be a modern-day businessman. Amanda and Nicholas know how possible it is to create the life of your dreams through simply believing in yourself, putting in the hard work, and being radically transparent in your relationship and with yourself — and now, they’re on a mission to bring this knowledge to everyone else.


In this episode, we have some seriously amazing conversations! We talk about what it really means to work with your partner, the importance of consistently working on your relationship, how to attract the right partner, how perfection halts progress, and how to let go of your false identity and embrace the real you! Amanda and Nic also share with us some powerful bits of wisdom — from how you can start creating your new reality, now to how you can begin to eliminate any and all fears in your relationships, starting today. Seriously — we covered so much! You’ll just have to listen for yourself to hear it all!


Topics Discussed:

[3:00] A bit about today’s episode!

[3:20] Reading our review of the week.

[3:53] About today’s conversation.

[7:03] Sophie reads a topical entry from the Sacred Rebels Oracle Deck.

[8:40] How perfection halts progress.

[14:47] A little bit more about today’s conversation.

[15:33] Our relationship tip of the week.

[16:30] If you enjoy this episode, please screenshot and share your favorite part!

[18:28] The conversation portion of today’s episode!

[19:04] Talking relationship “issues” vs. business “issues.”

[22:20] The importance of constantly working on your relationship and how to attract the right partner.

[27:28] Learning how to let go of your false identity and embrace the real you.

[31:00] The game’s not over. Acknowledge where you are and then get inspired to move forward — you still have time! Starting now, you can create your new reality.

[35:04] About knowing when it’s time to move on from a relationship, staying in your lane, and working on your coupleship.

[39:50] The power of radical transparency and how it works to eliminate fear in relationships.

[43:21] Nic shares the DiSC Test with us and what it actually shows about ourselves.

[46:26] About the fear of sharing feelings, the importance of not holding everything in, and why just “being nice” isn’t the way to having your needs met.

[50:52] How Amanda and Nic discovered The Five Love Languages and how it helped them in their relationship.

[58:20] How we prefer to give love rather than receive love.

[1:00:57] How our needs have changed since first reading The Five Love Languages and the importance of respecting the growth in a relationship.

[1:02:03] How we’ve consistently grown together as a couple.

[1:05:40] How Amanda and Nic have consistently grown together as a couple.

[1:13:04] The best advice Amanda and Nic have ever received.

[1:14:31] Amanda’s and Nic’s proudest moments.

[1:15:40] Amanda’s and Nic’s most difficult moments to date.

[1:18:17] Amanda’s and Nic’s self-care rituals.

[1:20:44] What gets Amanda and Nic ignited?

[1:22:50] Amanda and Nic share what’s up next for them and where to follow them online.


Relationship Tip of the Week

How do you remove the expectation and the desire for perfectionism in your relationship and move into progressive radical transparency? What can you bring to your relationship today that will level-up the amount of radical transparency you’re bringing into it? What can you share that you’ve felt anxious about or scared of that you haven’t quite trusted the relationship would make it through? How can you start bringing that in, remove that need for your relationship to be perfect, and allow your partner the benefit of knowing you a little bit more than they already do?


Mentioned in this Episode:

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The Sacred Rebels Oracle Deck

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Billion Dollar Body

Myers-Briggs Test

DiSC Test

No More Mr. Nice Guy: A Proven Plan for Getting What You Want in Love, Sex, and Life, by Robert A. Glover

The Five Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts, by Gary Chapman


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