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Jul 29, 2020

Today, we’re joined by an incredible guest and one of our dearest friends who you may already know Alexandra Roxo! Last time we had her on the podcast, she shared some deeply sensual tips for all of us on Valentine’s Day to become more connected to ourselves and our partner. And, lucky for us, she’s back again to teach us more about the world of sex, intimacy, and better connecting with ourselves and our partners.


In this episode, we dive deeper than ever before into embracing your sexual energy and becoming awakened in your sexuality. We talk about her new book, F*cking Like a Goddess; the building blocks of transforming sexually and building a more intimate connection with your partner; how to make your sex more magical; and how to begin your sexual journey no matter what you’re starting from.

We love Alexandra so much and we’ve grown so much with her over these last two years. We cannot wait for you to join in on our conversation today and learn more about tapping into your inner goddess, sensuality, and eroticism!


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Topics Discussed:

[:33] About today’s episode with the incredible Alexandra Roxo!

[1:22] Our interview of the week.

[3:02] Reading an incredible quote from Alexandra’s book, F*ck Like a Goddess.

[3:32] What we love about Alexandra’s work.

[7:29] The conversation portion of the podcast with Alexandra!

[8:11] Alexandra speaks about her new book, F*ck Like a Goddess, and what the word f*ck means to her.

[10:54] The roles of femininity and masculinity during the more physical, sexual parts of building an intimate connection with your partner.

[18:01] Alexandra provides tips on becoming more connected and transforming sexually and intimately with your partner.

[20:05] The importance of communication (both with yourself and your partner) as you are on this sexual journey.

[22:07] Alexandra speaks about how you can begin to heal sexually with your partner if you have been hurt in the past.

[26:03] Discussing our experience with sexual trauma and how we managed it in our own relationship.

[27:27] Talking masculine/feminine programming and ripping out the puritanical conditioning.

[32:00] Tips and exercises that you can do, starting today, to learn more about what turns you on.

[37:28] The key to making your sex special and magical.

[44:38] How we can begin to understand what is blocking us from amazing sex and intimacy.

[45:09] Alexandra explains the three stages of a relationship.

[51:07] The elements you need to be tapped into, within yourself, sexually and intimately.

[52:24] Setting boundaries, sex and social media, become awakened in your sexuality, and being responsible in embracing your sexual energy.

[58:38] What we love about Alexandra and her work.

[1:00:15] Alexandra paraphrases a fantastic passage from her book.

[1:00:46] What is the best advice Alexandra has ever received?

[1:01:55] What has been one of Alexandra’s most difficult moments to-date?

[1:03:01] Alexandra shares her self-care non-negotiables.

[1:07:27] What gets Alexandra ignited?

[1:08:31] Thanking Alexandra for joining the podcast and sharing her wisdom!


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IGNTD Ep: “Valentine’s Day Special: Embracing Your Sexuality with Alexandra Roxo”

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F*ck Like a Goddess: Heal Yourself. Reclaim Your Voice. Stand in Your Power,
by Alexandra Roxo

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Intimate Communion: Awakening Your Sexual Essence, by David Deida


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