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May 31, 2019

The way we help people with addiction right now is so messed up that we should actually count our blessings that there aren’t actually more people dying from drugs and alcohol. In rehabilitation centers, they are kicking people out of treatment when they relapse — when really, this is exactly when somebody needs help the most. I went through this myself personally and I think it is a major problem for those seeking treatment for their addictions.


In today’s episode, I’m offering my thoughts on this topic, my own experience with it, and how I think we should fix it. It’s incredibly important and I hope you’ll tune in!


Topics Discussed:

[:43] About today’s episode.

[1:17] My experience with being kicked out of treatment after a relapse.

[5:40] Kicking people out for addiction seems like the exact opposite thing that rehab should do!

[7:15] The second problem with kicking people out of rehab.

[10:45] When someone with an addiction problem relapses, that is when they need help the most!

[16:00] The huge takeaway in this: if you want to offer help for people, make sure you’re actually ready to actually deliver when they need it, and not when it’s convenient for you. And believe in the people in front of you more than they actually believe in themselves.

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