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Mar 3, 2021

Today we had the pleasure of speaking with Tina Anderson of Just Thrive Health! Just Thrive is one of few probiotic companies with profound research and studies. They take gut health seriously and have the products, research, and studies to show for it. We truly love Just Thrive and its mission to help as many people as they can to take control of their health and heal naturally.


Oftentimes as people, we take supplements passively. We hear about them in passing and decide to add them to our routine simply because we “should.” Probiotics may be one of these supplements. We know that they are good, but do we know why we are taking them? How they affect us? The difference between them? Which ones to take? Or how often to take them?


In this conversation, Tina breaks it all down. We also go beyond the scope of probiotics and talk about the actions you can take today to improve your health and our overall mind/body connection. Tina also gives her insight on how you might be damaging your gut, how to incorporate this knowledge with your children, and the problem with sugar.


Though we’ve talked about biology and how important it is for your health on the IGNTD podcast before, Tina really blew our minds with the knowledge she dropped on us today! We are so excited for you to tune into this conversation and learn all about why your gut — and its bacteria — matters.


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Topics Discussed:

[:33] About today’s episode.

[3:18] About Philosophie Superfoods.

[4:33] The conversation portion of the podcast with our guest, Tina Anderson!

[5:15] What brought Tina to creating Just Thrive.

[8:00] How both Just Thrive and Philosophie Superfoods were born out of a need.

[9:23] Tina explains the importance of our microbiome in our gut as well as the conditions that are associated with an unhealthy gut.

[12:25] The impact your gut has on your mental health.

[12:53] What wrecks havoc on your gut health?

[15:44] The truth about the mind/body connection.

[16:58] Why you should always start with addressing your gut, no matter what condition or symptoms are present.

[17:38] Tina’s tips to improve your gut health.

[20:29] How to incorporate this knowledge into improving your children’s gut health.

[23:54] Tina shares more practical advice and steps you can take in improving your gut health.

[24:38] Tina explains the microbiome and how probiotics help aid a healthy gut.

[26:22] How a spore-based probiotic is different from other probiotics.

[32:44] Does everybody require the same probiotics? Should we be taking specific probiotics for specific problems? Do we need multiple kinds of probiotics? How often should we be taking probiotics? How do probiotics work?

[36:05] If you’re getting the right nutrition, have a balanced diet, and are not experiencing any physical or mental health-related issues, is it still important to take a probiotic?

[39:00] Is there a way to test how your gut is doing?

[39:33] Sharing about my history with my diet and lifestyle growing up.

[40:33] The problem with sugar.

[43:35] An important message to parents and how we can empower our kids to understand nutrition and gut health.

[46:04] The importance of finding balance in our consumption of certain foods, beverages, and ingredients.

[50:03] Tina’s recommendations on where to get started with improving your gut health.

[52:27] What we do to help keep our children’s nutrition balanced.

[53:38] Thanking Tina for joining us in this episode!

[54:08] The most important thing we can focus on right now with regards to our immune health.

[54:28] Tina shares where to find her and Just Thrive Health online!

[55:00] Thanking Tina for joining us and sharing her knowledge with us on today’s episode!


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