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Jul 4, 2018

Today we’re going to talk about sex. There’s a lot of stigma and shame around sex and we want to tear down some of these barriers.

For our interview today, we have Brianna Rader joining us! Brianna is the founder of Juicebox. It’s a cool app that pairs people anonymously with sex coaches to talk one-on-one about sex, dating, and relationships. From men with erectile dysfunction and women who have never had an orgasm before, to couples that are struggling in the bedroom, and even people that are single and having trouble navigating their sexuality — Juicebox is here to help.

On this episode, we talk to Brianna about some of the most common questions that are asked on Juicebox, as well as some of the most surprising questions and facts. We also discuss how your sexuality changes through different experiences and partners, how conversations are held on the app, and common sexual concerns from both men and women.


Topics Discussed:

[:55] About our topic and guest today.

[13:30] Relationship tip of the week and our challenge to you.

[16:42] Interview portion of the podcast with Brianna.

[17:00] About Brianna and her app, Juicebox.

[18:20] What drove Brianna to create Juicebox?

[20:44] How the coaching plans work and about the free app trial.

[21:23] The issues that come up from lack of sexual education.

[22:57] Media portrayals of sex vs. real life that build a false narrative.

[23:20] How Brianna set out to create Juicebox and her initial ideas and goals behind it.

[24:18] Brianna highlights some key points and facts around sexuality.

[27:43] How Brianna and Juicebox address couples.

[30:31] How many coaches does Juicebox have in their network? How does matching up to a coach work?

[31:43] The most common issues and concerns couples from couples using the app.

[33:03] How Brianna addresses issues with orgasms.

[38:08] How sexual preferences, needs, and wants change with time.

[39:34] The least talked about sexual act that Brianna wants to shed light on.

[41:14] The best advice Brianna has ever received.

[42:42] Brianna’s proudest moment to-date.

[43:23] Brianna’s most difficult moment to-date.

[45:09] Brianna’s self-care ritual.

[45:54] What gets Brianna ignited?


Relationship Tip of the Week

Ask the question. Whether you’re by yourself or with a partner, have the conversation. Ask: “What do you like in bed?”, “What turns you on?”, “What turns you off?”. This is incredibly important. Challenge yourself to move forward and create a better life for yourself. We’re all sexual beings, take on this challenge. Figure out what you love, what you like, what turns you on, and what turns on your partner.


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