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Mar 18, 2020

In today’s episode, we have the amazing Ariel Garten joining us! Ariel is the co-founder of Muse, an incredible, breakthrough technology that is all about sensing the brain through a headband! It’s the most incredible technology and we cannot wait for you to hear all about her mission to support women in being kickass in business and contributing to the cutting edge of neuroscience!


So what is Muse? Muse is a brain-sensing headband that is helping millions of people meditate more effectively! They’re solving a massive problem for people who know that meditation is good for them but have trouble getting started because they don’t understand what’s going on in their mind or if they’re even doing it “right.” What's great about Muse is that they're using a neurofeedback technology which gives you direct feedback about what state your brain is in by reading your brainwaves. It can show whether you are agitated or anxious, and then it can guide you through an exercise to bring you to your desired state (such as 'calm') by reinforcing that state through positive feedback.


This is such a fascinating episode that fits so well into this month’s theme of mental wellbeing. We can’t wait for you all to tune in and to hear Ariel talk about things neurofeedback, meditation, mental wellbeing, and overall life improvement!


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Topics Discussed:

[:49] Reading our review of the week!

[2:28] Reading a passage from one of our favorite authors and artists.

[7:17] About today’s amazing guest.

[10:27] The conversation portion of the podcast.

[12:22] Welcoming Ariel to the podcast!

[12:41] Ariel shares the story of how she came to co-found an amazing neuro-hacking, technology company!

[15:55] Ariel shares one of the fascinating schools of exploration that helped the creation of Muse.

[17:24] How Muse helps aid meditation.

[18:50] The concept behind biofeedback and neurofeedback; How the Muse headband works.

[25:17] How your brain functions, how Muse can read your brainwaves, the different types of activity and states of your brain, and how Muse helps you meditate more effectively through neurofeedback.

[32:40] Discussing how neurofeedback is like exercise for your brain and how you can learn to meditate/train to meditate more effectively over time with Muse. Ariel also gives her tips and advice for those just beginning their meditation practice.

[36:52] Why meditation is so, so important for our mental wellbeing and actually gives us further insight into our entire experience of life.

[43:00] Ariel further breaks down how meditation can help us in all other aspects of life.

[44:49] The magic and freedom that meditation can bring: the ability to shift your emotional state and perspective to a place that will serve you.

[49:20] The best advice Ariel has ever received.

[51:06] What is Ariel’s proudest moment to-date?

[52:32] The most challenging moment Ariel has lived through.

[55:05] What does Ariel do for self-care?

[56:06] What ignites Ariel?

[57:10] Thanking Ariel for joining us!


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Muse — Use the code IGNTD for 15% off your order!

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