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Jan 27, 2021

We’re here today to bring you a really refreshing look at how to break out of stagnation in your life and how to get to a place where you’re both content and fulfilled with yourself and within your relationship.


Joining us in this conversation is our incredible friend, Emily Pereira. Emily is an international retreat leader, yoga teacher, and women’s coach. By her clients, she is also known as the “relationship whisperer!” Over the years, Emily has amassed a treasure trove of astonishing wisdom and powerful practices that she has used to transform her life and hundreds of other women.


Emily was so amazing in this episode (as she always is!) She not only shared her journey of how she got unstuck when she found herself stagnant but she shares how everyone else can do the same as well. She speaks about the portal that opens up in times of great contraction,  the importance of giving yourself permission, the magic that happens at the edge of your comfort zone, how to begin to live more in alignment with your truth, and how to bring freshness into your life when things feel stale.


This conversation really inspired us and got us really thinking about where we want to both personally and within our coupleship. There’s always more work to be doing in creating the life of your dreams and Emily shares some of the incredible ways you can get started on this journey.


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Topics Discussed:

[:35] About today’s episode with our amazing guest.

[3:54] As always, be sure to share any aha moments you have with us and our guest, Emily Pereira, on any social media platform!

[5:23] The conversation portion of the podcast with Emily Pereira!

[5:55] Emily introduces herself and shares about what she is currently working on.

[6:23] Emily walks us through this concept of “the search for ‘enough’” as well as her own personal journey in it.

[13:56] Emily elaborates on the key lesson from her book, The Quest, and the portal that opens up in times of great contraction.

[15:27] The importance of giving yourself permission and the magic that happens at the edge of our comfort zone.

[16:58] Emily shares about the work she does with women in helping them to become more curious and open-minded and explore the things they thought may never be a part of their quest or journey.

[21:52] The importance of reorienting your head to what you’re excited about and fulfilled in instead of looking for what is missing.

[22:35] A powerful combo: gratitude plus adding the “why.”

[23:21] Sophie and Emily discuss the importance of empowering couples and women through awareness and focusing on what’s working.

[24:47] Key components of maintaining a healthy relationship through daily intentions and practices.

[26:02] Sharing what we've been working through with our own couples therapist.

[28:55] How Emily manifested living in Costa Rica, the wild adventure that led to her meeting her husband, and why the life she is currently living is in perfect alignment with the truth of who she is.

[32:22] The challenges of perfectionism and the power of choice.

[34:05] Emily shares one of the powerful techniques she uses with couples that helped strengthen their coupleship.

[37:03] We all fall into patterns but it’s important to switch things up and bring in freshness.

[38:54] Where you expand is where the light comes in!

[39:36] Why shifting into positivity is a gamechanger for all aspects of your life.

[41:53] What is the best advice Emily has ever received?

[42:20] One of Emily’s proudest moments to-date.

[43:26] What have been some of Emily’s hardest moments?

[44:25] Some of Emily’s self-care rituals that keep her aligned.

[48:03] What ignites Emily?

[48:56] Thanking Emily for joining the podcast and sharing her wisdom.

[49:54] Be sure to screenshot this podcast and share any of the aha moments you had during this episode by tagging us and Emily and sharing on social media!


Mentioned in this Episode:

Emily Pereira

The Quest: From The Hollywood Hills to the Amazon Jungle, One Woman’s Search for Enough, by Emily Pereira

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