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Apr 24, 2019

We’re talking about the body today — specifically embodying your psyche, your emotional experiences, and how to develop something that our guest, Chen Lizra, calls “somatic intelligence.”


Often, when we talk about the body and embodiment we think of just the physical body — but it’s so beyond that. In today’s conversation, Chen helps us understand what it means to be fully embodied — in your spirit, your soul; all aspects of who you are. Being fully embodied means feeling fully comfortable in your own skin. Chen’s work centers around the body; helping others connect with their bodies, heal, and step into their full power through the process of releasing and reprogramming stuck energy, emotional blocks, and behavioral patterns.


In today’s episode, Chen speaks all about her journey with discovering somatic intelligence and how she got to where she is today; what somatic intelligence is and the five elements that make it up; Chen’s tip on how to feel in your body and explore your emotions, and where to learn more about somatic intelligence!


Topics Discussed:

[:28] About today’s episode.

[1:35] Sharing a review of the week!

[2:49] Sophie shares a quote about embodiment.

[3:03] What is embodiment?

[16:28] Relationship tip of the week.

[22:28] The conversation portion of the podcast.

[23:14] Chen introduces herself.

[23:40] What is somatic intelligence?

[26:26] The first three (out of five) elements that make up somatic intelligence: elegance, intention, and tempo.

[32:07] Talking the power of enjoyment, the importance of space, and attunement and somatic work.

[35:35] Chen explains the last two elements that make up somatic intelligence: sabrosura and mystery.

[37:15] The work and power of attunement and the difference between thinking and feeling.

[40:50] Chen’s tips for how to feel in your body.

[41:37] The importance of feeling and exploring those emotions and Chen’s tips on how to approach this.

[47:36] Ways to learn more about somatic intelligence, Chen’s retreats, and how to work with her.

[50:07] Chen’s journey that got her to where she is today and how she came to discover somatic intelligence.

[59:38] The best advice Chen has ever received.

[1:00:14] Chen’s proudest moment to-date.

[1:00:49] Chen’s hardest moment to-date.

[1:01:57] Chen’s daily self-care rituals.

[1:03:18] What ignites Chen?


Relationship Tip of the Week

If you’re feeling off or disconnected in your body sometimes the medicine is in moving past that discomfort. Sometimes you can get so in your head that you feel you must be comfortable in your body in order to connect physically with your partner — but that’s not true. You need to flip that script. Connecting physically with your partner can actually help you become comfortable with your body. That, in itself, can be the practice that will lead you to attunement and bring you into your body.


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