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Oct 17, 2018

Our conversation today is with our amazing guest, Sebastian Terry. Sebastian has made giving his life. Starting out only fulfilling his own ‘100 Things’ list, he began to realize it was even more fulfilling helping others with their own. With that mission in mind, a successful show, website, and movement was born — helping people around the world to fulfill their needs and helping others fulfill theirs.


This episode really got us thinking about the concept of giving, contributing to other people, and just giving for giving’s sake. A lot of the time we equate success to the number of followers you may have, how much money you made last month, and what kind of car you drive. So it was incredibly refreshing talking with Sebastian and learning about the concept of measuring your success instead by how many people you have helped, the impact you’ve made, and simply by giving back. It has been proven that giving makes you feel good too — so what is there to lose?


Sebastian takes us through the struggles he has been through in his life, how giving has deeply impacted his life and world, some of the wonderful stories and accomplishments around the 100 Things movement, about his new website that helps spread his message even further, and his thoughts on charity and giving back.


Topics Discussed:

[2:40] Reading our first “fan of the week” message!

[4:27] About today’s episode with our guest, Sebastian.

[9:15] Some of the ways we engage and connect with giving.

[11:36] More about our guest today, Sebastian.

[12:52] The relationship tip of the week!

[14:44] About our IGNTD Relationship Intro course.

[15:34] Tag and share with us and Sebastian what would be on your 100 Things list!

[17:46] Introducing our guest, Sebastian, and talking about how we originally met.

[19:18] Sebastian tells the story of what got him to the moment of creating his 100 Things list (and in-turn, the movement.)

[23:10] Some of the wild things that were on Sebastian’s 100 Things list.

[25:15] The transition from working on his own 100 Things list to helping others.

[25:40] One of the first people Sebastian helped with the 100 Things list.

[29:00] The structure to the 100 Things list movement and about his new website!

[31:25] One of the cool stories around Sebastian’s 100 Things movement.

[32:00] How the platform allows those who want to ask for help, those who want to help fulfill those requests, and even nominating those you think need a helping hand.

[34:32] Some examples of how online activity and requests can translate to offline activity and help with Sebastian’s website.

[37:23] The solution that Sebastian’s site provides as a daily opportunity to give back, all year ’round.

[40:06] How Sebastian’s journey went from helping himself to helping many others with his mission.

[42:05] An important component to charity we’re missing: the person-to-person connection.

[44:47] Sebastian’s aha moment with finding his own path and learning to understand and connect with himself.

[47:05] How connecting to yourself and exploring what empowers you can lead you down a wonderful path of self-discovery.

[50:10] Sebastian’s family and friends take on all this, now, 10 years later.

[51:18] The best advice Sebastian has ever received.

[53:15] Sebastian’s proudest moment.

[55:38] Sebastian’s hardest moment to date.

[58:30] Does Sebastian have any self-care rituals?

[1:00:12] What gets Sebastian ignited?

[1:01:14] Where to find Sebastian’s website and his parting words and advice for this podcast!


Relationship Tip of the Week

There are two tips for this week and they are: A) Start focusing on others and B) Start asking for what you need. Not only do we not focus enough on others, but we’ve gotten to this place where we feel like we have to be so self-sufficient that it’s bad to ask for what we need. But it’s OK to ask for help! It’s important to not only give back to others but to also not to feel shame in asking for your own help.


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@seb100things (on instagram)

IGNTD Relationship Intro Course


100 Things show (on Go90) (Sebastian’s website)

“Breaking the Bucket List” by Sebastian Terry (video)

“What’s on Your List?” by Sebastian Terry (video)


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