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Apr 26, 2019

Recently, we interviewed Bruce Lipton (who wrote one of my favorite books, The Biology of Belief) on the IGNTD Relationships podcast. But, that’s not coming out for a little while, so I’ve decided to record for you a few of my insights and key takeaways from the lessons in his book; specifically relevant to addiction, mental health, and internal struggles.


I absolutely love the concepts in The Biology of Belief. The lessons on why you are not your negative belief; how your genetics are not the single influencer in making up who you are; and how you can change your reality if you change your perception are all so powerful. I hope you’ll join me today to learn more about Bruce Lipton’s work and gain some valuable insight around addiction and mental health!


Topics Discussed:

[2:44] About today’s episode and the upcoming relationships podcast with Bruce Lipton.

[4:07] What I love about The Biology of Belief and Bruce Lipton.

[5:50] One of my biggest takeaways from The Biology of Belief.

[13:38] Why there is no such thing as the “addictive gene,” how the interaction between biology and environment creates who we are, and what epigenetic research has revealed.

[19:35] The environmental influences that can impact who are you — especially around addiction.

[21:33] About a client I used to have with several diagnoses, who many believed it was in her genetics and she could not get better.

[22:43] Unlike other animals, we can impact our own perspective and beliefs in the world. That’s powerful.

[25:00] Why you are not your negative belief.

[28:00] What if you were able to switch your negative beliefs into beliefs that serve you in terms of where you want to go?


Mentioned in this Episode:

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Amare (Sponsor)

The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles,
by Bruce Lipton

Gattaca (Film, 1997)

Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley

Human Genome Project

“Linked: Adverse Childhood Experiences, Health + Addiction,” article by Adi Jaffe


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