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May 17, 2019

This reality that so many of us find ourselves in is this fear of being stuck or staying the same. We feel that our situation will never improve or we, ourselves, will never improve. But the truth is that we’re never stuck, and there’s a much deeper rooted fear we all have that is actually creating what we think is this fear of being stuck.

So today, I want to talk to you all about why we have this fear of being stuck, the truth behind the fear of being stuck, what we really need to work on in order to get over this fear, and what you can start doing, right now to get unstuck!


Topics Discussed:

[2:40] About today’s episode.

[4:31] The truth behind the fear of being stuck.

[6:36] What we really need to work on: the fear of change.

[9:00] A powerful story about the fear of change.

[11:37] What’s important to know about change.

[12:33] Are you feeling stuck right now? This is what I want you to think about right now.


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