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Aug 23, 2019

Today is a bit of a special episode; we have a guest joining us! Sherry Gaba is a Holistic Psychotherapist and Life Coach. One of Sherry’s specialties is working with couples and relationships that are struggling around sex addiction. She was even on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew! She is truly a groundbreaker when it comes to her take on the law of attraction in the context of addiction. She has also written a couple of books and has really been challenging the way people think about addiction.


In today’s conversation, you’ll hear a fascinating conversation between Sherry and I on the topics of sex and love addiction, toxic masculinity, her take on the current recovery movement, as well as her tips on how to get started on the road to recovery. And while Sherry and I don’t agree on every side of the recovery equation, I think it’s really important to share different perspectives with you on the podcast and highlight other experts’ take on recovery and mental health.


So today, please take a seat back, open up your mind, and listen in to what Sherry has to bring to the equation. We had a super interesting conversation and I’m excited for you all to tune in and learn about Sherry’s perspective on mental health, addiction, and recovery!


Topics Discussed:

[:35] About today’s interview with Sherry Gaba.

[2:13] Take a screenshot, tag Sherry and me, and let us know what really resonated with you, and I’ll share it on my page.

[2:32] Welcoming Sherry to the podcast!

[3:10] Recounting my sex addiction story to Sherry.

[8:00] Sherry gives her take on the sex addiction piece of our story.

[9:48] Discussing my experiences with toxic masculinity and sex education early on in life.

[14:17] The dangerous intersection where toxic masculinity and drug/sex addiction meet.

[19:29] Does Sherry find that those currently struggling with addiction often have a past of early trauma to intimacy, relationships, and sex?

[23:50] Sherry tells us about her books, The Marriage Junkie and The Law of Sobriety, and the main principles that they teach.

[27:38] Sherry’s thoughts on the idea of admitting you are powerless in the current recovery movement.

[38:55] Sherry speaks about the goal of love addiction.

[41:19] Sherry gives her tips on how she helps people become grounded and on the road to recovery.

[44:20] Does Sherry find that technology has made connection and recovery harder?

[46:37] What can people do to connect back to their body to become more intuitive and present in their everyday lives?

[48:08] Where to find out more about Sherry Gaba online!


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