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Apr 1, 2020

This episode we’re kicking off the start of a new, fresh theme! We’re dubbing this month our ‘Sophie month’ because we’re exploring all things Sophie — from the moon to intuition to mental health to physical health and spirituality! We’re going to be joined by some of Sophie’s favorite humans that inspire her, lift her up, and have taught her some invaluable lessons that she wants to share with all of you!


So let’s just jump into it! In today’s episode, we’ve invited on our first guest, Sheleana Aiyana an incredible leader and an inspiration to us both! Sheleana is the co-founder of Rising Women on Instagram (which has over 1.4 million followers as of recording)! She and her partner, Rachel Obscura, have fostered a beautiful community around their work and have created an incredible platform for women to talk about conscious relationships, self-realization, self-awareness, shadow work, and inner-child work.


We’re so excited that Sheleana is joining us today to share some of her wisdom with all! In this episode, we talk a lot about anxiety around the current situation happening in the world and we share some different rituals and practices so that you can use this time as an opportunity for growth rather than stagnation.


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Topics Discussed:

[:50] About this month’s special theme!

[1:24] Reading our review of the week.

[2:44] Reading a quote from our guest this week.

[3:14] More about our guest today, Sheleana Aiyana.

[4:27] Addressing what is going on with the world right now with the coronavirus pandemic.

[7:11] What we’re doing to connect more during this time and how things will change, going forward.

[9:20] The highest form of self-care during this time.

[10:10] If you want to get more involved with the IGNTD community, DM us or check out some of the links in the show notes!

[12:09] The conversation portion of the podcast with Sheleana!

[12:50] Sheleana introduces herself and tells us all about what it is that she does!

[14:14] Sheleana tells the interesting story of how she and her husband first met.

[16:30] How long has Sheleana’s husband, Ben, been doing the work he’s doing right now?

[18:00] Sheleana shares how she and Ben jumped headfirst into their relationship with extreme authenticity and transparency.

[20:42] Sheleana explains what transpersonal therapy and what it did for their relationship.

[22:07] Sheleana tells the story of partnering up with her friend, Heather Obscura, and co-founding Rising Women together.

[23:15] What is Sheleana’s sign?

[24:10] What Sheleana thinks we can be doing, as a collective, together right now, to learn, connect, and grow from.

[31:55] Sheleana shares her thoughts and advice around some of the practices we could pick up right now to alleviate the anxiety with everything that is happening in the world.

[35:30] What this time is an opportunity for.

[38:12] Sheleana shares some practices and rituals for those who are getting caught up in an anxiety or negativity spiral.

[41:35] The importance of checking in with yourself and understanding what you need at any given time.

[43:08] Take this time to grow and expand. Even try some of the things you’ve been putting off!

[43:26] Why it is important to take into consideration what kind of media you’re taking in.

[45:25] Sheleana highlights the great opportunity that is available to us currently.

[45:43] Does Sheleana have or want any children?

[46:46] Sheleana shares about some of their online offerings with Rising Women.

[48:17] Do Sheleana and her husband do any work together?

[50:48] What is the best advice Sheleana has ever received?

[52:07] What has been Sheleana’s proudest moment to-date?

[52:43] What has been Sheleana’s hardest moment to-date?

[53:31] What does Sheleana do on a day-to-day basis for self-care?

[54:28] What ignites Sheleana?

[55:05] Thanking Sheleana for joining us in this episode!


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