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Mar 15, 2019

Today we’re talking about anxiety, depression, and all the other kinds of ongoing mental health issues that are very common among the people that I work with. I struggle with both anxiety and depression myself, and, in the past, have often found myself juggling problems and avoiding conflict, causing the anxiety and depression to worsen.


Since then, I’ve learned some key lessons in why we should not avoid conflict, nor conflate problems with reality. And today, I’ll be letting you in on all that I’ve learned about why you should address conflicts head-on, how not to mix up your problems with reality, and how to get real about your life!


Topics Discussed:

[2:40] About today’s episode.

[3:07] Some of the common reasons behind these big labels we call anxiety and depression.

[5:04] My anxieties in the past and the unhealthy coping methods I used to deal with them.

[5:44] A key lesson I learned when I started my first, real business: you don’t have to solve every problem thrown your way. Some problems are a reality and are unavoidable.

[10:19] Problems vs. realities in life.

[11:13] My question to you: how much time are you spending worrying about realities?

[11:34] The two major reasons why people shy away from conflict.

[12:19] A recent story about a couple from our workshop who avoided conflict.

[15:13] Screenshot this podcast and let me know if this whole concept applies to you.

[16:11] It’s time to get real about your life. You need to fix problems while understanding reality!

[16:34] Our amazing solution to fixing your problems with our 21-day challenge!

[17:28] An actionable step to take to understand your realities vs. your problems.


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