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Jan 22, 2020

Today, we’re really excited to bring you a very special guest! Tanya Khani is known as the Soulful Publicist and represents some of the holistic, spiritual guests that we’ve had on our show before. We’ve actually interviewed all four of her clients Shaman Durek, Shannon Algeo, LaRayia Gaston, and Aarona Lea! The guests Tanya represents are truly the epitome of elevated wellness, which fits perfectly with this month’s theme.


With the work Tanya is doing as a soulful publicist, she is bringing spirituality and shamanism into a business setting and really elevating the conversation for the masses. She is totally moving the needle with all that she’s doing and through the clients she represents!

In today’s episode, and with the theme being elevated wellness, we’re really focusing in on this concept of bringing spirituality and soulful elements into both wellness and business. Tanya shares about her work as a soulful publicist, investing in soulful wellness for yourself and others, running your business in the masculine and feminine, the progression of normalizing wellness and spirituality into the mainstream, what wellness is really all about, and the key to truly having an impact in this world.


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Topics Discussed:

[:35] Welcome to today’s episode!

[1:23] Reading today’s review of the week!

[2:38] Sophie shares her morning mantra.

[5:05] The importance of staying authentic to yourself.

[7:35] More about today’s interview with Tanya Khani.

[9:42] We just hit a million downloads! Thank you all so much! Here’s how we’re giving back with an incredible giveaway.

[14:32] The conversation portion of today’s podcast!

[15:43] Tanya explains what being a Soulful Publicist means.

[16:16] Tanya explains what PR is.

[18:33] Sophie shares her experience with PR.

[19:55] When it’s important to consider having a publicist.

[21:13] Talking about investing in soulful wellness for yourself and others.

[22:37] How long ago did Tanya start in PR? Was it always more soulful and spiritual-leaning?

[24:58] Running your business in the masculine vs. the feminine.

[31:54] Tanya talks about how she’s moving the needle in bringing spirituality into business and the mainstream.

[38:32] Talking about the progression of normalizing elevating wellness and spirituality for the mainstream, what wellness is really about, and how Shaman Durek is helping to move the needle.

[46:34] Impact is not easy but it’s the key to making change and causing disruption.

[48:32] How Tanya aids her clients as a Soulful Publicist.

[51:56] The best advice Tanya has ever received.

[53:33] Tanya’s proudest moment to-date.

[54:40] Tanya’s most difficult moment to-date.

[55:38] Tanya’s self-care rituals.

[56:36] What ignites Tanya?

[57:00] Thanking Tanya for joining us!

[57:30] Don’t forget to screenshot this podcast, tag all of us on social media, and let us know what resonated the most with you!


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