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Nov 29, 2019

Today’s special episode features a recording from our ‘Trauma Panel’ at our recent IGNTD Glow Event! Trauma is often a huge part of our experiences but we don’t usually want to talk about it — in fact, most of us hide it. But on this panel, you’ll be hearing from three incredible women who are definitely not hiding it! Rachelle Tratt, Aarona Lea, and Brittany Piper tackle this topic of trauma so elegantly and show all of us that healing is not linear; we all do it at our own pace and in our own way — and that’s OK.


I hope you’ll all tune in to hear what these three amazing women have to say as they share their personal struggles with trauma, the tools and methods they’ve used to help themselves overcome it, and what they’re still doing to this day to continue on their journeys!


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Topics Discussed:

[:36] About today’s special episode!

[2:15] Rachelle, Aarona, and Brittany speak about how they got to this place where they’re comfortable talking about their trauma, what their journey has been like, and some of the trauma that they have personally gone through.

[12:43] All three women reflect on the link of their traumas.

[13:05] Discussing the relation between trauma and epigenetics.

[15:33] Rachelle, Aarona, and Brittany discuss how their past traumas affect them in current days and then share some of the methods and tools they’ve used to continue working through it.

[25:11] Discussing the importance of connecting to your body in order to reach that place of mindfulness in order to work through your trauma, the difference between ‘affect’ and ‘effect’ regulation, and some of the tools and methods for getting through the hard moments when past trauma comes up for you.

[30:12] Rachelle, Aarona, and Brittany speak about the work they do now around healing from trauma, how they found their paths, and how it is all informed by trauma.

[43:02] Wrapping up the panel and thanking everyone for sharing pieces of their journeys!


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