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Aug 29, 2018

We are here today to talk with a power couple, Jason and Colleen Wachob, co-founders of MindBodyGreen. Recently, I was in New York for press on The Abstinence Myth and was able to meet up with them to record this interview.

Jason and Colleen work together, similarly to us — and together on their platform, garner over a million visitors every single month. They have an incredible story that starts with a basketball injury, which leads to a beautiful discovery of where their true passions lie. It was an honor to hear about it all today and learn about how that passion became a business.

A key idea that I loved from this episode with this idea of appreciating the values that your partner brings to the table and letting them flourish. It’s important in a relationship to find a place to meet in the middle, so you are able to complement and offset each other — just as Colleen and Jason do in their work together. In this episode, we learn a lot of tips and tools from them on this subject — so whether or not you’re in a relationship, we recommend you tune in!


Topics Discussed:

[1:44] About the theme and guests of our podcast today.

[16:55] About The Abstinence Myth.

[19:09] The conversation portion of the podcast.

[20:09] Jason walks us through what MindBodyGreen is and how it came to be.

[26:50] Colleen’s side of the journey, supporting Jason.

[29:33] How Jason and Colleen managed to balance their passions early on, and what their conversations were like on balancing life and work.

[37:17] Colleen explains real care as opposed to some unrealistic standards of self-care.

[42:22] How Colleen and Jason developed their awareness and mindfulness, and how they balance each other out in stressful times.

[46:19] Some ways that Colleen and Jason complement and offset each other.

[49:16] The importance of complementing

[51:11] About the lives MindBodyGreen has touched.

[52:31] What’s next for MindBodyGreen?

[57:16] What is the best advice Colleen and Jason have ever received?

[58:01] Jason and Colleen’s proudest moment to-date.

[59:08] Jason and Colleen’s most difficult moment to-date.

[1:00:00] Jason and Colleen’s self-care rituals.

[1:01:56] What gets Jason and Colleen ignited?


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The Abstinence Myth, by Adi Jaffe


Method and Ripple Foods (Adam Lowry)



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