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Nov 30, 2018

Today I’m here to talk to you about habits. We all have them, whether we realize we do or not. We develop them throughout our entire life — and most of them, we learn super early in our life. The only problem with some of these habits is that we don’t remember how they were formed, and — when it comes to feelings, emotions, and anxiety — we generally just continue to operate with the current habits we have even if the results we get from them are negative.


So, how do we unlearn these old habits that are no longer serving us? In this episode, I explain how we can retrain our brain to create new goals, unlearn habits, and where to begin on this journey. I also explain how different types of memories are formed and how they can become an everyday part of us — whether we want them to or not.


Topics Discussed:

[:35] About today’s topic — habits.

[2:20] An example of a client of mine and how his habits formed around feelings.

[3:25] Why “this is just how I am,” is bullsh*t.

[4:42] Old habits can be unlearned.

[6:50] Different types of memories — how they are created and how they can become an everyday part of us.

[10:26] How to begin changing your habit(s).

[13:03] A specific example of a negative (relationship-based) habit and how this client was able to unlearn and retrain their goals.

[16:33] My questions for you all today: What kinds of goals can you reconsider in your life? And what habits are you going to be able to change so you can live a happier life?

[18:18] My recommendations to you if there are serious habits interfering with your life.


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