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May 24, 2019

Today I’m going to share a valuable story about one of my past clients I saw a long time ago. It really illustrates why looking for happiness on the outside and trying to find it from external validation will absolutely never deliver. This client was an extremely wealthy individual living in Beverly Hills who was struggling with alcohol and pills. This guy could truly have anything that he wanted in the world — and yet, he was popping pills from the moment he woke up.


In this episode, I’m breaking down the conversations that we had, what we worked on, the lessons that I learned from working with him, and most importantly: why external validation and material success won’t bring you the satisfaction in life you’re craving.


Topics Discussed:

[:36] About today’s episode.

[1:07] Starting today’s story.

[4:50] The trap that a lot of us fall into is buying into the stories and standards that are told to us through media.

[6:50] But here’s the catch: we don’t want to buy into these ideas even though we think we do.

[7:58] What happens after you get all these ‘things’ and what happened to this client.

[8:47] What we really want in life and why external validation and material success won’t get us there.

[14:15] The number one takeaway from this episode.


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