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Sep 26, 2018

Today we’re talking about sex — our own journey as well as our tips and insight into how you can better approach the conversation around sex and intimacy with yourself and your partner. We believe that it’s really important that you get to know yourself and figure out exactly what you need, have the amount of sex your body craves, and be able to connect sexually with your partner through intimate conversations.


We dive deep into our journey through discovering our own sexual preferences, all of the factors (such as outside stressors and emotional influence) that have impacted our sexuality (for better or for worse), and our personal conversations around sex and connecting intimately. We also talk about Sophie’s experience growing up in a sexual society, my first experience with rejection, our past sexual relationships, and our sexual relationship from when we first started dating to now. We also answer some common questions regarding sexuality, as well as questions from some listeners on Twitter!


Topics Discussed:

[1:43] About today’s Going Deep episode.

[5:26] How our past affects our relationship to sex; some of Sophie’s experiences growing up in a sexual society, my experience with rejection and past relationships, and our shared sexual experience of when we first started dating.

[13:29] Our huge shift in sexuality from when we first started dating to now.

[18:19] The importance of paying attention, asking questions, and connecting intimately in and out of the bedroom.

[23:05] Our sexual timeline and all the factors that can play into sexuality (such as outside stressors and emotional influence).

[26:57] Our experiences in discovering and exploring different sexual styles.

[30:44] The factors that weigh into your sexual preferences and the way you view sex.

[32:06] There’s no one way of having sex or correct amount of sex you should be having — you do what feels comfortable for you in your relationship!

[32:24] Taking our sex to the next level — getting into exploring and trying new things.

[36:19] Our challenge to you: try writing down the things you like when you’re in a sexual place and feeling connected to your sexuality.

[38:34] The last year of our sex life.

[41:02] A question from a listener: is it fair to my husband that I still don’t want to have sex seven weeks postpartum?

[45:44] Another question from several listeners: when is it OK to start talking about sexuality with your children?


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