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Oct 23, 2019

Traumas project onto others and we have to start choosing to reprogram and break the cycle, there's enough bullying in the world!

We’ve really explored so many different angles of bullying from politics, to children, to society in general. And, we’ve had on some incredible guests too — from Marianne Williamson speaking about the political side of bullying to hearing Joe Newman’s perspective on parenting and bullying from a child’s perspective. And of course, Jodie Patterson’s incredible story about her transgender son and loving without labels.


We hope you’ll join us this week as we talk about the key takeaways from this past month and dive even deeper into the topic of bullying!


Topics Discussed:

[:28] About today’s Going Deep episode!

[2:00] Sophie reads a wonderful comment from a listener.

[3:14] Sophie reads a great quote about bullying from Michelle Obama.

[3:38] Parenting your children when it comes to bullying from both the bully’s perspective and those who are bullied.

[9:22] Fighting hate with hate and pointing out the negatives in others put people in a box and why we should face hate with love.

[13:20] How to put ‘facing hate with love’ into practice and the magic of finding the space between action and your reaction.

[16:05] How Sophie is finding space in your life through self-regulation, becoming more present, and setting boundaries.

[17:52] My experience as the bully’s bully and the outcome of it.

[21:42] Understanding the fundamental attribution error and how it relates to bullying.

[23:40] How the roles we play in our family can end up forcing us into a specific mold.

[26:15] The complex pieces of bullying there’s a reason behind all of it.

[27:00] Discussing Marianne Williamson and the political side of bullying.

[28:51] Sophie’s journey from veganism into bringing in moderate amounts of meat during her pregnancy and how the vegan community responded.

[32:15] Discussing the importance of having civil disagreements and accepting different ways of living.

[35:43] Bullying and taking time for yourself to regroup.

[37:33] How can we break the bullying cycle? We’d love to hear your answers. Please screenshot this podcast, tag us on social media, and let us know about a time you were bullied or were a bully. We’d love to open us this discussion, learn more about this topic, and dig into the ‘why.’

[40:00] Thank you so much for joining us!

[40:15] About next month’s theme.


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