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Jun 21, 2019

In today’s episode, I’m speaking with someone about their experience in the IGNTD Hero Recovery program and their entire journey leading up to it. Richard’s experience is common to many people but it also has many unique facets, so I’m excited for you all to listen in and hear his journey.


Richard’s struggles originate around drugs and alcohol, and like so many people, have to do with fitting in. Part of that is because Richard identifies as gay and is now discovering — like many of us — that we don’t have to fit into this “ideal” image of masculinity that we were all told to identify with growing up. This image of masculinity we were taught can be very problematic; it can affect your self-esteem, your anxiety, your stress, and your ability to fit in with others. Richard found himself in this position and by the time he came to us he had tried many other rehabs and methods of recovery, but nothing quite clicked.


So today I want you to sit back and listen to Richard’s story and really pay attention to what happens when someone feels like they’re being rejected and shamed. And in the context of everything that we talk about here, what can we do to help people like Richard feel more accepted? Feel like they belong? Feel like less traumatized and less rejected? Because I think if we can do that across society, we’ll start seeing that a lot of these mental health and addiction struggles that we’ve been fighting against for so long will start disappearing.


Topics Discussed:

[:42] About today’s episode.

[2:48] Richard speaks about his entire journey prior to finding IGNTD.

[8:55] When did Richard discover alcohol and drugs as a method of coping?

[17:25] Richard continues his story at the age of 27 when he began to get deeper into the world of drugs.

[21:04] Richard’s journey into seeking help and his experience in various treatments.

[28:48] The cycle Richard found himself in when seeking and going through treatments.

[30:11] How did Richard discover IGNTD?

[38:20] Richard’s experience with the IGNTD Hero Recovery program.

[40:14] Richard describes the concepts that were powerful for him in the program and what it felt like to work through some of the core negative beliefs that he had.

[42:27] How we worked through Richard’s belief that he was going to repeat the cycle of not making it past 2-3 months of recovery.

[53:22] Thanking Richard for sharing his incredible story on this podcast.

[54:06] What is the power of the IGNTD Hero program? How has it benefited Richard?

[57:02] Has Richard talked to his parents since being in this new phase of life?

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