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Dec 13, 2017

Our guest today, Rachelle, really has a way of finding the beauty in it all and reminding us not to be afraid of death.

We're discussing the death and loss we’ve experienced and how we didn't always find the right ways to cope. Rachelle talks about the intervention her family had with her about her drinking after losing her mother. She shares how she found the path as a healthy way of processing the death and loss of a loved one. Rachelle’s story begins with loss; but lead her to founding her business, The Neshama Project, to teaching her successful yoga class. Her ability to connect with people and to weave meaning and soul into her work in the world is profound. She’s very inspiring and we hope you connect to this week’s episode and feel as inspired by her story as we do. 

Topics Discussed:

[1:05] Introduction to our topic today, loss.

[2:43] About the loss of Sophie’s best friend, Heather.

[5:00] About the passing of my father and life afterward.

[7:42] The changes we and our families have gone through after experiencing loss.

[9:54] About our guest today, Rachelle.

[11:56] Introducing Rachelle to the podcast.

[14:16] Rachelle’s story: how she got started with where she is now from a place of loss.

[20:28] Rachelle’s pushback after experiencing loss; escaping from reality and rebelling against her family and life.

[24:11] Turning her life around and creating a new life for herself through the experience of loss.

[28:08] Yoga giving way to healing trauma, and the passion Rachelle and Sophie share for it.

[31:11] Rachelle’s yoga journey.

[34:02] The importance of connecting to music during yoga.

[35:30] Serving you best; being selfish and taking care of yourself.

[36:33] What brought on The Namesha Project; the starting of Rachelle’s business.

[44:43] Sophie finding her own business, Philosophie Superfoods.

[46:36] Rachelle’s advice to others and herself.

[49:48] Rachelle’s favorite self-care rituals.

[52:51] Where to find and connect with Rachelle online and in person.


Where to Find Our Guest — Rachelle

The Neshama Project For a discount, use the code: sisterwife

The Yoga Collective


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