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Apr 24, 2020

In this episode I deliver quite a rant - on conspiracy theories, Corona (COVID-19) mania and more... Why is it that in times of crisis some of us rely on the least accepted and barely coherent message?So many of us have lots our anchors in the world and any sense of normalcy. This loss can lead people to grasp onto any solid concept that fits their previous beliefs without looking at sources or the truth. There are tons of conspiracy theories circulating about COVID-19, where it started, why it’s here, who’s in charge…the list goes on! Today, I’m encouraging you to stop relying on a small handful of unreliable sources and take control of your beliefs and new sources.


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Topics Discussed:

[3:00] About today’s episode.

[3:55] Different conspiracy theories that are circulating.

[5:42] Highlighting why our lack of normalcy is feeding into conspiracy theories.

[5:55] One example of multiple conflicting theories.

[6:43] What is dangerous about “fake news”.

[7:41] How this relates to the Dunning-Kruger Effect.

[8:48] The reason why anything can sound real based on your existing beliefs.

[9:10] Agreeing on the rules of “relevant information”.

[10:02] How this relates to 12 Step supporters and other recovery options.

[10:49] The truth about AA.

[11:20] What I’m urging you all to do curing this crisis.


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