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May 29, 2020

We don’t often have interviews on IGNTD Recovery Secrets so you know when we do, they’re somebody special! I’m very lucky today to be joined by Lauren Handel Zander, co-founder and chairwoman of the Handel Group. Lauren has spent over the last 20 years coaching thousands of private clients from entrepreneurs to couples to politicians to Grammy-winning musicians and Fortune 500 CEOs. Her company, the Handel Group, is a renowned executive life coaching company that is dedicated to improving the personal and professional lives of others. Her groundbreaking methodology, The Handel Method, is supported by top educators and psychologists and has been developed and taught in over 50 major universities and institutes of learning.


As you know, through IGNTD, I want to expose you all to as many different ways of doing ‘the work’ as possible. We are not all wired the same and we cannot all follow the same script to happiness and self-fulfillment. We’re all just out here manufacturing our own tool kits and learning what works best for us. And in today’s episode with Lauren, she provides a refreshing look at addiction, recovery, and finding light through recognizing and acknowledging your darkness. She also shares many brilliant nuggets of wisdom on how to discover what works best for you as well as a peek into some of the amazing work she is doing around life coaching and overcoming struggles related to shame and darkness.


I hope you all tune in for this one to hear her refreshing perspective on all things addiction, recovery, and self-improvement!


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Topics Discussed:

[:35] About today’s special interview with Lauren Handel Zander!

[:50] Welcoming Lauren to the podcast.

[:54] Lauren tells the origin story of the Handel Group.

[3:27] Has entrepreneurship always been in Lauren’s blood?

[6:40] Lauren speaks about the shift from her role as a one-to-one coach to building up an entire life coaching empire.

[9:00] Lauren shares her definition of addiction and addict.

[18:48] Understanding how to find the tools that work for you.

[20:55] How Lauren helps her clients find their light and higher self through understanding their epigenetics.

[24:44] How Lauren begins to work with clients who have extreme resistance to uncovering the parts of themselves they have a lot of shame and darkness around.

[27:00] Is it society that doesn’t allow us to face or talk about our darkness or is it simply us, as individuals?

[33:50] The cost of lying and the importance of having a sense of humor, acknowledging your darkness, and moving beyond your shame.

[36:21] How Lauren begins helping her clients discover their path out of these struggles.

[39:21] Sharing our thoughts on traditional methods of addiction recovery.

[43:34] Discussing our methods.

[46:22] Lauren shares a bit about Handel Group and how to get in touch if you’d like to learn more.

[48:35] Thanking Lauren for sharing her wisdom and joining the podcast!

[48:53] Be sure to tag both of us and let us know what resonated that most for you from today’s episode!


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