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Nov 6, 2019

This month’s theme is all about gratitude! Having gratitude and bringing gratefulness into your life every single day is so important. The more you lock into gratitude, the more you lock into what truly matters. Your day will become more positive, you’ll focus on what’s really important to you, and your overall life will change for the better!


Today on the podcast, Tamal and Victoria Dodge are joining us! Tamal and Victoria are an incredible power couple who run the amazing blog, The Yoga Plate! The Yoga Plate is a plant-based recipe blog where, together, they share their love of healthy, delicious, and nourishing food. And most recently, they released their new book (based off their fantastic blog!) called, The Yoga Plate: Bring Your Practice into the Kitchen with 108 Simple & Nourishing Vegan Recipes. Through this one-of-a-kind cookbook, Tamal and Victoria introduce readers to the philosophy of yoga as it is reflected in our eating choices. They’re also big proponents of practicing gratitude, which is a theme throughout their book as well!


Join us today to hear all about how we practice gratefulness, how Tamal and Victoria practice gratefulness (through yoga, food, and all other aspects of their life), their fantastic book and blog, the importance of a plant-based diet and lifestyle (not only for you but your neighbors and the world), and their tips for how you can begin to incorporate more gratefulness into your everyday life!


We don’t want you to wait until Thanksgiving to be grateful! Join us today on this week’s podcast to get started right now!


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Topics Discussed:

[:35] Reflecting on our recent IGNTD GLOW Annual Event!

[4:00] Sophie reads a wonderful review from a listener.

[5:22] A bit about today’s guests!

[5:30] Sophie shares one of her morning mantras.

[6:55] About this month’s theme: gratitude!

[8:21] Reflecting on Sophie’s morning mantra, gratitude, and the GLOW Event.

[10:41] Don’t wait until Thanksgiving to be grateful! Start right now! Push pause on this podcast and think about a few things in your life that you’re grateful for.

[11:11] The importance of practicing gratitude.

[12:37] How to incorporate gratitude into your day and make it into a practice.

[14:55] How to align with your gratitude.

[16:40] More about today’s episode and guests.

[17:17] Please leave a review if you’re grateful for us! Share on social media, tag us, and let us know what has resonated with you in this episode.

[17:42] About our upcoming IGNTD Family SOS Workshop!

[21:42] The conversation portion of the podcast!

[22:38] What led to Tamal and Victoria writing their book, The Yoga Plate?

[24:23] Tamal shares a story about Pablo Picasso that relates to the creation of their book.

[26:20] Why having exactly 108 recipes in their book is significant.

[27:18] Tamal shares how he taught Victoria how to cook.

[27:55] How did they decide on which recipes to put into the book? And how did some of them come to be in the first place?

[31:24] Sophie and I share the process of how ‘Green Dream’ from Philosophie came to be.

[32:31] We both share our gratitude for our partners.

[34:27] The link between food and spirituality, living the yoga lifestyle, and the benefits of it.

[37:05] Tamal speaks about the start of their book and how it tells the story of their plant-based lifestyle.

[37:24] Tamal speaks about their son and his relationship with plant-based foods.

[38:32] The importance of ‘doing the least harm.’

[42:06] About Tamal’s and Victoria’s move to North Carolina and the opening of their yoga stall.

[44:50] Tamal and Victoria express their gratitude for what their family has.

[46:11] Tamal shares how they teach and raise their son with gratitude.

[48:24] The importance of a plant-based diet.

[52:42] Are our actions and diet affecting other people? Are they affecting the world?

[55:22] Tamal shares what he finds to be the most fulfilling thing in the world and explains how they’re spreading gratitude through their book, The Yoga Plate.

[55:55] Coming up on Thanksgiving, how do Victoria and Tamal recommend bringing in more plant-based foods into the holiday?

[1:05:26] What Victoria hopes their book will help others with.

[1:06:10] Why do some yogis eat so poorly?

[1:07:10] Did Victoria and Tamal find their move aided in their diet, lifestyle, and book?

[1:08:26] Victoria and Tamal offer some quick tips to listeners on how they can more easily lock into their internal gratitude.

[1:13:03] What is the greatest advice Victoria and Tamal have ever received?

[1:14:33] What have been some of Victoria and Tamal’s proudest moments?

[1:16:09] What have been some of Victoria and Tamal’s darkest periods?

[1:18:11] What do Victoria and Tamal do on a daily basis for self-care?

[1:22:15] What ignites Victoria and Tamal?

[1:25:12] Thanking Victoria and Tamal for joining us and closing out the podcast!


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Green Dream — Philosophie

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