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Dec 15, 2017

In today’s bonus episode of IGNTD, we’re going to discuss a topic that has become very pressing and prevalent in today’s society: sexual harassment, rape, victimization, and everything that is happening today around it. Sophie and I have been talking about it already for years and we feel it is very important to address these topics out in the open because sometimes the most important elements are missed.

In this episode, I bounce my thoughts and ideas off of Sophie on the topics of women’s issues, sexual harassment, alpha males and masculinity, power dynamics, consent, and how we can improve as a society moving forward. Sophie and I come from such different perspectives —  from the people in life that surrounded us, to the environment we were raised in. It was helpful to see the differences in these perspectives and to be able to dig up the real issues behind these situations. What I hope a lot of men are starting to realize is that we don’t really, fully understand the experience women have in western societies. We hope to shed some light on these issues and discuss the root causes behind these difficult-to-talk-about topics.


Topics Discussed:

[:34] Our topic today: the disadvantages and sexual harassment women face, sexual and societal norms, and where to go from here.

[6:50] The different perspectives Sophie and I have and how the definition of ‘masculinity’ is shifting.

[10:30] Sophie shares some of her personal experiences involving sexual harassment and uncomfortable situations from power dynamics with older men.

[13:48] Objectification: Women learning to deal with it and block it out.

[15:32] How do we change this now?

[16:34] What I hear from men on this topic.

[17:24] Sophie’s friends’ experiences with sexual harassment.

[18:38] Crossing the line even when the line is made clear.

[20:16] Trump, the tape, and women speaking up.

[21:11] Alpha males and pseudo-competition.

[23:42] Our hopes for the future and the steps we should take moving forward.

[25:44] The secrets and shame people keep to themselves through abuse and harassment.

[26:36] How we should approach early relationships in regards to consent.

[28:20] How we have reset from ground zero our sexual-based issues in our relationship.

[29:18] About our future couple workshop coming up in February.


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