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Aug 21, 2020

Today’s episode of Heroes' Recovery, we’re sharing stories to better understand body image and what determines our perception of beauty. We discuss Bruce Lipton’s Subconscious Belief Work and how this plays into our level of attraction for others and ourselves.  


We explore honestly, using story and personal experience to encourage radical self-acceptance. We are breaking down how we can shift our perception of what it means to be and feel beautiful. We make it clear that sometimes our perception is based on projections. 


This episode explores the link between how we look on the outside and how we feel on the inside. If we can shift our focus from physical manifestations to international more emotional manifestations, then we can create sustainable self-improvement. The world feeds us a lot of conditioning and it’s up to us to be able to understand what our perceptions and pre-conceived ideals of beauty are trying to tell us about our internal state. Body image is an issue that comes up a lot with clients and we are breaking down how to reignite your confidence, leading us to all feeling better about the way we look and feel! 


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Topics Discussed: 


[:40] Body image as a prevalent area of struggle. 

[1:45] The entire concept of attraction is a subjective, created belief.  

[4:45] Bruce Lipton’s Episode 

[5:00] More comfortable with physical representations of the world than internal ones. 

[5:55] Subconscious Belief, based on Bruce Lipton’s work, at the exact same time you can understand that your attraction to a single man or woman doesn’t make sense. And you can tell yourself it’s ridiculous to strive for their level of appearance. But you still think to yourself that you’re not at that level of beauty or appearance. 

[7:00] Subconscious Beliefs are always guiding our behavior.

[9:50] Guiding our behavior Subconsciously through Honest Exploration and Radical Self-Acceptance. 

[10:30] How do we as children gather our ideas of what is an ideal man or woman. 

[12:00] Using our personal epitome of our ideal man or woman to understand that our judgements of others mimic the judgements we have against ourselves. 

[14:30] Emotional connection to another changes our overall attraction to their physical appearance. 

[16:20] We don’t see ourselves the way others see us. 

[17:10] Our brains project images back to us. So our perception is inherently subjective, explaining why we start obsessing and seeking out objective measurements of our body image. 

[18:55] The state of our internal energy shapes the way we are seen and the way we see ourselves. 

[20:00] Rather than focusing on the material, money, and physical appearance, as a means of finding satisfaction, we ought to focus on the internal. 

[21:20] Radical Self-Acceptance, you can’t fix what you can’t face. 

[22:35] How you see yourself is not how others see you. 

[26:30] When I feel right, I look right – not the other way around. It’s never an outside game. 

[27:50] Fasting and how it limits us to believing that we can only fix ourselves on a short term basis. 


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