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Nov 22, 2019

Today we’re talking about stress. We all have it… but did you know that chronic stress could be killing you slowly? Always comparing yourself to others and constantly striving for perfection can place a huge amount of stress on you and in-turn, massively impact your health in a negative way.


So, in this episode, I’m going to be shedding some light on the negative impacts of stress in the long-term. I’ll be covering the biological, the psychological, and the social implications of stress; as well as how we can better manage it through setting boundaries, practicing self-care, and finding a healthy balance!


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Topics Discussed:

[:36] About today’s topic.

[1:06] My life and relationship with stress.

[3:35] The impacts of stress I’m going to be covering in today’s episode.

[3:47] How your body responds to acute stress vs. chronic stress and the longterm negative impacts of it. How stress affects you biologically.

[10:10] The psychological impacts of chronic stress and the importance of self-care.

[13:49] The social implications of stress and how we can overcome them.

[15:40] How stress has impacted me and my family.

[16:48] What made me realize the huge impact stress has on us.

[18:22] The key takeaway: if you want to achieve long-term success, you need to reduce stress!

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Mentioned in this Episode:

The Biology of Belief, by Bruce Lipton

Alex Charfen


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