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Sep 21, 2018

This week on the IGNTD Recovery podcast, I let you in on some of the secrets that separate the IGNTD Recovery method from other methods of recovery from addiction. The focus that everybody puts on quitting (or on abstinence) is actually causing more failure than success. It’s causing more addicts to lie, overdose, relapse, and no longer continue to seek a course of treatment.


The number one piece that makes IGNTD Recovery different is that it doesn’t require quitting — because quitting is the wrong goal. Quitting should be a symptom of success.


Topics Discussed:

[:50] The number one secret to the IGNTD Recovery method: beating addiction is not about quitting.

[2:02] How addiction develops and why the usual method of helping an addict “recover” fails more often than not.

[8:13] Why is it that only 10% of addicts seek a course of treatment?

[9:17] How IGNTD Recovery is different from these other solutions.

[9:33] Why abstinence is a terrible starting point for some people.


Mentioned in this Episode:

The Abstinence Myth, by Dr. Adi Jaffe

IGNTD Recovery


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