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Sep 14, 2018

Welcome to the IGNTD Recovery Podcast — a new way forward for anyone looking for answers, but feeling left out. If you’ve been searching for empowerment, triumph, and purpose — you’ve found them all right here. You won’t hear the same solutions and you’re not going to have any excuses to fall back on because IGNTD Recovery allows heroes to rise and become their best selves.


In addition to my other podcast (IGNTD) with my wife, Sophie, IGNTD Recovery is a new show that will air once a week, every Friday. Specifically, I want to dive deeper into my work and discuss addiction. In these upcoming episodes, I’m going to walk you through how I got here, what made me create this new method (IGNTD Recovery), why I believe that the way the vast majority of the treatment industry approaches helping people beat their addictions is absolutely wrong — and what we need to be doing instead.


I’m going to share stories (my own, and others) and techniques — but most of all, I’m going to share mindset changes and tools that will completely shift the way you even look at addiction and what’s possible. Each episode will be around 10-15 minutes long and will give you actionable tools and ways to explain, deal with and overcome addiction like never before.


I’m Dr. Adi Jaffe and I can’t wait to be your guide on this journey. Are you ready to become an IGNTD Hero?


Topics Discussed:

[:35] About the new IGNTD Recovery Podcast.

[2:00] About my story with mental health and addiction.

[3:40] My motivation for starting this podcast.

[6:17] What people are not telling you about the current overdose and death epidemic from drug addiction in the States.

[7:34] What’s to come on the IGNTD Recovery Podcast; the format and content.

[10:35] Wrapping up this week’s episode.


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