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Apr 17, 2020

There are two types of addicts that most people think of: the “trainwreck” who is not seeking help and the one who is seeking help, going to AA meetings or rehab. The reason many people only see these two sides is because that’s all that the media tends to cover.


My special guest today, Alexis Haines, is here to talk about all of the people who fall in the middle — because, in reality, very few people fit into those two camps. And Alexis is not ashamed to share her story — what recovery from reality actually looks like. And she has been through a lot; from being a 19-year-old heroin addict who was fighting criminal charges to someone who is now 9 years sober and owns her own treatment center and hosts a successful recovery podcast.


Alexis truly has so many incredible insights, lessons, and advice to share from her experiences and the journey that she’s been through! I hope you’ll all tune in to hear what she has to say on recovery, addiction, and healing.


“I knew that I was okay going forward when I stopped spending every single day trying to check out of my reality, but instead, trying to check in to my reality.” — Alexis Haines


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Topics Discussed:

[:36] About today’s special interview with Alexis Haines.

[2:33] Alexis Haines introduces herself and her addiction story.

[14:20] Alexis shares the turning point in her story and what led her down a better path.

[19:08] Alexis shares an important message about how no version of yourself is more or less deserving of love.

[20:48] Alexis shares her struggles with overcoming shame.

[24:13] Why abstinence is not key in recovery.

[26:35] Alexis speaks about her recovery center, Alo House, and how they treat those who are struggling as opposed to AA.

[27:35] Why Alexis believes that full recovery is possible and what she’s experienced in her own life that prove it.

[31:24] Alexis highlights another important message about recovery: Your recovery journey can change and that’s okay!

[34:38] Alexis shares her opinion on medically assisted treatment and continuing to ‘use.’

[35:54] The ultimate goal of recovery — regardless of treatment.

[36:57] Alexis shares more about what she’s currently doing to help others.

[41:31] Thanking Alexis for joining the podcast!


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