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May 29, 2019

“Intuition. My inner compass knows the way. Our inner compasses are intuition. When we pause to listen, we expand into its wisdom. As we strengthen our relationship with this gentle yet directive voice inside, it becomes brighter and clearer. The presence of your intuition is centered, honest, loving, calm, supportive, and guided. Life feels more synchronized and happy when you awaken your inner guide.” — Aarona Lea Pichinson from The Moon Deck


Today we’re talking all about intuition with our dear friend, Aarona Lea Pichinson. Intuition is one of these things that sound so easy, but really, it can become difficult to listen to your inner voice when you’ve been told not to or have learned over time not to trust it. Your intuition can also become cloudy from being bombarded with different information and energies throughout your day-to-day life also. It’s incredibly important to have practices, rituals, and things you can do on a daily basis to bring you back to your inner compass.


Aarona is all about deep level intuition and trying to go as deeply as you can into what is right for you — and not everybody else — in the way that you live. She is a very bright, beautiful soul and spirit. She has gone through a hard divorce, dealt with the death of her mother in the same year, and has moved across the country. She’s truly been through a lot but has made it out the other side with a lot of wisdom to share.


This is an incredibly important episode that we hope you all tune into because following your intuition will not always be easy! But, if you learn how to tune into it and trust it, you will be living nobody else’s truth but your own.


Topics Discussed:

[:34] About today’s episode.

[2:55] Sharing the review of the week!

[3:25] If you leave a 5-star review we may share yours on a future podcast!

[3:33] Sophie shares a quote about intuition from The Moon Deck.

[5:18] Discussing intuition.

[9:48] About Aarona and The Moon Deck.

[10:30] Discussing practices around intuition.

[13:50] The relationship tip of the week: Sophie shares a practice from The Moon Deck of how to start training yourself to pay attention to what your inner compass is telling you.

[22:05] More about today’s episode with Aarona!

[24:48] The conversation portion of the podcast.

[25:57] How we originally met Aarona!

[28:27] Aarona explains the story behind The Moon Deck.

[31:18] The purpose and usage of Aarona’s beautiful deck.

[34:00] What Aarona thinks allowed her to connect to her ‘teaching’ voice while writing her deck, as well as how she and her illustrator, Andi Keh, met.

[37:10] Where and how did Aarona get into the space to write? What was her process?

[39:43] How many editions have there been of The Moon Deck? And when did they originally launch?

[40:33] Before launching, did Aarona ever see herself as a business owner?

[42:10] Some of Aarona’s anxieties, fears, and worries, and how she’s working through them.

[46:54] Discussing the importance of regaining the power to tune into yourself, setting boundaries, and taking care of yourself through self-care rituals and practices.

[59:42] All that Aarona has overcome and her thoughts on traveling to Bali.

[1:07:50] The best advice Aarona has ever received.

[1:09:05] Aarona’s proudest moment.

[1:12:10] Aarona’s difficult moment.

[1:15:04] Aarona’s self-care rituals.

[1:15:48] What ignites Aarona?

[1:17:14] Screenshot this podcast, tag us, and let us know what connected the most with you!


Relationship Tip of the Week

We’re asked a lot; how do you know if you’re supposed to do the work and hunker down and make this relationship stick, or if you’re supposed to walk away altogether? This can truly be answered by tuning into your own intuition. In this situation, you’re probably being bombarded by what everyone else thinks you should do which clouds your inner voice but it’s important to take time for yourself and tune into what your inner compass is telling you.


To help you do this, Sophie recommends you try out this ritual from The Moon Deck:

Find a time you can devote at least one hour to a full day traveling to wherever the wind blows you. Begin with a journal entry and answer these prompts: “How does your intuition speak to you?”, “What do you feel?”, “How does this voice sound?”, and “What specific sensations arise?” Then, with a clear connection to the presence of your intuition, gear up for your journey with no particular goal or plan. Walk, bike, drive — or whatever you see fit — and intuit where your body wants to go. Let go of needing to know where to go next while maintaining an anchored connection to your gut and intuition throughout. Enjoy the ride and learn along the way. Once you’re done, revisit your journal and write about how this experience has awakened your inner compass.


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