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Jun 27, 2018

Today our guest is Melissa Hartwig, co-founder and leader of the wellness movement, Whole30. Whole30 has helped millions of people transform their lives through building healthy habits, helping them to look and feel their best. She’s also the author of six (but soon-to-be seven) books, related to Whole30’s healthy eating lifestyle.

On top of helping people with their relationship to food, Melissa also has a passion for tangential well-being and health topics. She travels around the world, speaking about self-love, addiction and recovery, entrepreneurship, and finding your balance in today’s busy world.

We are super happy to have her on board with us today. It was an honor to listen in to her journey that not only led to the creation of Whole30 but allowed her to become an incredibly motivational, enlightening person. She emerged from sexual trauma and addiction to living out her best life and achieving a level of success she could have only dreamed of.


Topics Discussed:

[:29] Introducing the newest member of our family: Noah Jaffe!

[2:46] About our guest today, Melissa Hartway.

[11:03] Relationship tip of the week.

[18:16] Interview portion with Melissa.

[19:09] Melissa introduces herself and gives us some background on her career.

[21:42] Melissa’s journey — coming out the other side of trauma.

[33:23] What allowed Melissa’s mindset shift to self-improvement?

[38:09] Relapse and putting the work into therapy; Melissa’s road to self-improvement.

[42:15] What helps Melissa stay grounded and show up to everything she does.

[44:46] Does Melissa ever have guilt when she works on herself/puts herself first?

[46:20] When did Melissa discover the importance of putting herself first?

[47:12] The importance of knowing that you are worthy of asking exactly what you need from others and learning to set boundaries.

[50:07] What Melissa is up to: her new book coming out in the fall and the Whole30 certified coaching program.

[53:33] The best advice Melissa has ever received.

[54:33] Melissa’s proudest moment to-date.

[56:14] Melissa’s hardest moment to-date.

[57:36] Melissa’s self-care rituals.

[1:00:21] What gets Melissa ignited?


Relationship Tip of the Week

Facing your demons head-on is actually what makes you strong. A lot of people try to hide or change that about themselves first — but pushing it down will just create bigger problems. You need to work on yourself internally first and discover how you can accept those demons (or pieces about yourself that you don’t love) so that you can then have that conversation with your partner (or other important people in your life) and explain to them what is truly going on. Overcoming and facing these fears is the best thing you can do for yourself.


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