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Dec 21, 2018

Today we have a really inspirational episode with Charlie “Rocket” Jabaley.

Charlie has struggled with food addiction and being overweight from a young age. He has had as many challenges in his life as he’s had successes — and has persevered through it all with his “delusional optimism” (as he likes to call it).

He has gone through too many transformations in his life too count and there are so many parts of his story that are going to shock you — from his extreme weight loss to the fact that he was 2 Chainz’s manager, and is now a Nike’s endorsed athlete. His story is going to inspire and show you that there’s a completely different way to look at everything.

So often we focus on problems and how to resolve them, but what I loved about talking to Charlie today is that he doesn’t even see the world that way. He’s had amazing strength and perspective on all endeavors in life and I can’t wait to share that with you all today.


Topics Discussed:

[:36] About my amazing guest today, Charlie Jabaley.

[2:49] Please screencap and share a part of this week’s episode that is inspiring or helpful to you.

[3:40] Welcoming Charlie on to the podcast.

[4:33] Charlie introduces himself and tells his story.

[11:00] What allowed Charlie to become a “real” entrepreneur, and touring with Soulja Boy.

[19:50] Experiencing downfalls and learning where to take his next steps in becoming a manager.

[23:09] What motivated Charlie to keep going after multiple downfalls.

[25:21] The importance of focusing on and choosing to reach out to the good in your life.

[26:40] Charlie explains a pattern he has noticed in his success: the law of “62.”

[28:43] Charlie continues his story, working with Travis Porter and 2 Chainz.

[30:32] Charlie’s next downfall: his food addiction and diet struggle.

[39:58] Charlie’s continued struggles — food addiction exacerbating the brain tumor he was diagnosed with.

[42:29] What caused Charlie to make a big change in his life, and the two main dietary practices that helped turn his life around.

[45:23] What helped Charlie change his life around, and the next major step he made.

[51:24] What is Charlie waking up for? What is he trying to achieve?

[56:56] An important lesson on distraction and putting in the work.

[1:01:11] The importance of self-love.

[1:05:13] Charlie’s next goals: qualifying for the Boston marathon and giving himself self-love.

[1:12:37] I ask Charlie: What would it take for you to do right now to become comfortable and proud with who you are, in order to facilitate your next move?

[1:15:34] Tag us and tell us your #1 takeaway from this episode!

[1:17:57] Charlie’s step for listeners on shifting your thought process.


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