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Dec 28, 2018

Today is a bit of a heavy topic: the idea of believing in God or something bigger than us in life. Religion has been a huge part of humanity for as long as we can remember. We always try to explain the life around us — especially 10,000 years ago when we didn’t understand anything like the sun or the rain.

So what I really want to focus on today is the idea that there’s something bigger than you and I, and the benefits that come from that belief. We all have a higher purpose and connecting to that can help us in all aspects of life. In this episode, I want to guide you through finding this purpose, what this all means, and to provide some examples from my life and a client’s.


Topics Discussed:

[:45] About today’s topic.

[4:10] How believing in something bigger than you affects you.

[6:14] The most important aspect that believing in something bigger than you provides.

[8:09] What’s the thing that you’re connected to? What’s your purpose? I’d love to see your answers. Screenshot and share with me online!

[8:41] Can you make anything your God/higher purpose?

[10:24] The story of my son’s birth and the shift that happened inside of me, helping me connect to something bigger than I am.

[12:16] All of the things bigger than I am.

[13:22] About how a client of mine found his purpose.

[14:44] Finding your sense of purpose is flexible and doesn’t have to stay the same.

[16:30] You can explore whatever purpose you want to feel, but you have to be committed to finding it.

[17:15] How this client of mine has expanded and grown his sense of purpose by connecting to an initial purpose.

[18:00] I challenge you to find something you can honestly connect to that ignites you.


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