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Apr 25, 2018

Sophie and I are back today to talk about one of my favorite topics; addiction. Whether I’m teaching statistics at UCLA, talking to potential clients, working on my course, or sharing posts on facebook — 80% of it all relates back to this problem of addiction. So much of my focus is on helping people with alcohol, drug, porn, sex, and gambling problems. Though it can be difficult and challenging at times, it is the most authentic way I can help others — and at the core, I love it. I have the ability to transform people’s lives and it drives me to keep going when I see their life changing.


Today, our guest is Annie Grace. She is an executive-turned-author that used to really struggle with a drinking problem. At the time of her addiction, she did not want to go to AA and didn’t identify with being an alcoholic at all. She wanted to find another way to recover — and she did! In fact, she even wrote a book about it called, This Naked Mind, which is now one of the most popular books about drinking problems. Annie has truly started a movement through this (with a million people on her mailing list!) and has benefited people all around the world.


This episode, we talk all about Annie’s journey with addiction and drinking, how she has created her own path to recover from her drinking problem and break free from the ‘alcoholic’ mold, and all about the work she has done and is doing to help all people at all levels of entry with their relationship to alcohol.


Topics Discussed:

[:29] Our topic for today: Addiction.

[2:20] My background with addiction; the origin, my arrest, rehab, and recovery.

[8:41] About our guest today, Annie Grace.

[13:35] Relationship tip of the week!

[20:28] Welcoming Annie Grace to the podcast and how we originally met.

[22:32] Annie’s backstory on dealing with addiction.

[27:33] How Annie challenges ideas and finds her own truth — especially in regards to addiction.

[30:15] Another journey of Annie’s: discovering the cause of her back pain.

[31:34] Unconscious conditioning and the actual reasons behind Annie’s drinking and other people’s addictions.

[33:31] The power of not following rules; how Annie strives from not putting herself in a box.

[35:53] The experiment that broke her addiction and the many ways others have found peace with drinking.

[40:44] How Annie has helped people form their own path and create their own version of overcoming addiction that works for them.

[45:42] What’s wrong with the word “alcoholic.”

[51:38] Addressing the criticism she has received on her book.

[57:33] What Annie is up to now: Looking to empower people and lowering the barrier to entry with her new project, The Alcohol Experiment.


Relationship Tip of the Week

Embrace your — and your partner’s — inner shadow. We all have sides of ourselves that we don’t like; our shadow-part, as well call it. You cannot outrun it — no matter how dark your shadows may be. It will continue to haunt you unless you choose to acknowledge it, uncover it, and accept it. Once you accept it, you can start doing the actual work to heal and let it be a part of you.


Where to Find Our Guest — Annie Grace

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Social Media: Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


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This Naked Mind, by Annie Grace

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Annie’s Youtube Channel: This Naked Mind

Healing Back Pain: The Mind-Body Connection, by John E. Sarno

The Alcohol Experiment


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