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Apr 11, 2018

On today’s episode, we’re talking with another couple for the first time on IGNTD. Jonathan Albrecht and Jordan Younger are a super inspiring couple that finds strength in their differences and supports each other through understanding, patience, and communication. They’ve been dating for just over a year now but feel as though they’ve known each other for many lifetimes.

Jordan is the blogger behind The Balanced Blonde (a wellness and lifestyle blog) who teaches yoga, hosts a podcast, and is the author of several books. Jonathan is the Regional Director of Operations at Orange Theory Fitness, Director of Black Ops. Electric Flight Crew, and an ambassador for The Young and Brave.

Throughout the podcast, Jonathan and Jordan share the relationship tips that help them work together as a team, actions that they take when they need space and time alone, how they work to support each other in their individual self-care routines, and how they maintain honesty and clear communication in their relationship. They also share some of the proudest moments in their relationship, as well as their hardest.


Topics Discussed:

[:34] About our guests today, Jonathan and Jordan.

[4:30] Relationship tip of the week!

[8:53] Interview section of the podcast.

[10:50] The story of how Jonathan and Jordan met.

[15:57] About Jonathan and Jordan’s three-year relationship before they began dating.

[17:50] No such thing as a perfect relationship — you have to work for it.

[27:47] Lessons learned in their relationship (and previous relationships) that have taught Jonathan and Jordan to communicate more effectively.

[32:59] Jonathan and Jordan’s plans for this year.

[37:30] What is Jordan’s next book about?

[38:32] The best pieces of advice Jordan and Jonathan have given each other.

[41:01] Jordan and Jonathan’s proudest moments in their relationship.

[46:16] Jordan and Jonathan’s hardest moments together.

[51:25] Jordan and Jonathan ask us a question: “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?”

[57:31] Routines Jordan and Jonathan have put in place to check up on each other and keep up with their own self-care.

[1:03:15] The importance of taking responsibility for your actions and being open to communication in a relationship.

[1:05:59] What ignites Jonathan and Jordan?


Relationship Tip of the Week

The people you are closest to in your life are there for maximum learning opportunities — they’re there for the maximum amount of growth potential. This idea takes the victim mentality out of your relationships because ultimately, you learn a lot from even the most difficult relationships. Without these relationships, you wouldn’t have had the growth you needed to be in the successful ones you have today.


Where to Find Our Guests — Jonathan and Jordan

Jordan: The Balanced Blonde Instagram: @thebalancedblonde

Jonathan: Orange Theory Fitness Instagram: @inspire_people


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