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Feb 7, 2018

We’re here to talk about how sometimes the biggest changes and transformations come out of the most unexpected moments in your life — moments that may have seemed like the end of the road at the time, but end up opening an entirely new life for you.

Our guest today, Elissa Goodman, is a great example of this. Sometimes the signal to change has to get so loud and right in front of your face to the point where you can’t ignore it. For Elissa, that was cancer and the passing of her husband. Sophie has known her for a decade now and she is incredibly inspirational. She came from a completely different upbringing than the way that she is living today. So join us and listen in to hear about her health journey, the incredible mindset shifts and changes she has made in her life, and her advice for breaking out of the negative, repeating cycles some of us find ourselves in.


Topics Discussed:

[:36] About our topic and guest today.

[3:22] Sophie’s moments in life where she made a major shift.

[5:05] Breaking out of victimhood and repeating the same cycles.

[9:10] Elissa’s inspirational transformation of her life.

[11:09] About our couples’ workshop and bala yoga session in February.

[13:30] Welcoming Elissa to the podcast!

[15:00] About Elissa’s work in healthcare and her health journey.

[21:35] The importance of flexibility.

[25:45] The life change that came about for Elissa after cancer and the passing of her husband.

[30:55] A recent revelation Sophie made about relationships.

[32:09] What allowed Elissa to make the change she needed in her life.

[35:08] Don’t compare yourself to the outside; Focus on you!

[39:15] We’re always changing and growing; Nobody is perfect.

[45:25] How Elissa’s reactions have changed from the way she used to react in the past.

[47:47] Over-complicating the simple and chronic stress.

[50:21] Five quick-fire questions for Elissa: the best advice she’s ever received, the best advice she can give to someone pursuing what she wants to do, her proudest moment, what ignites her, and what her self care rituals are.


Where to Find Our Guest — Elissa Goodman


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