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Jun 13, 2018

Today on the podcast we have two lovely, spiritual individuals talking with us today: Heather Askinosie and Timmi Jandro, of Energy Muse. Timmi and Heather have been friends since 1st grade and later reconnected when Heather gave out 10 samples of her prosperity necklaces to test the power of crystals on skeptics and Timmi was one of them! From there, they set their intention to grow their business and went from selling prosperity necklaces from the trunks or their cars to reaching A-list celebrities becoming one of the most notable crystal selling brands in the industry.

On this episode, we get deep on all things crystals, energy, love, and life. Heather and Timmi tell us all about how crystals work (from absorbing negative energy to amplifying positive energy), how to use crystals (through setting intentions and cleansing), how crystals can benefit you, starter tips and crystal recommendations for beginners, and how to conduct beneficial rituals to get the most out of your crystals.


Topics Discussed:

[:35] About our topics and our guests today, Heather and Timmi.

[11:34] Relationship tip of the week.

[16:55] Interview section of the podcast.

[17:28] Timmi and Heather talk about their backgrounds and introduce themselves.

[20:44] How Timmi and Heather united.

[23:16] When and how their business formed.

[33:37] How do crystals work? Do they work?

[43:13] What crystals do — from absorbing negative energy to amplifying positive energy.

[47:21] The importance of setting intentions with your crystals.

[48:17] How to clear your space and cleanse your crystals.

[49:44] What is megahertz music and what can it do for you?

[52:28] Crystals that all people can benefit from wearing or having around them.

[54:15] Specific starting tips for clearing your space and starter crystals for alleviating stress.

[56:54] Why you need to take ownership and responsibility for finding your formula for healing.

[59:48] Timmi and Heather’s thoughts on using crystals during pregnancy.

[1:02:40] The power of rituals and cord cutting with crystals.

[1:06:05] The best advice Timmi and Heather have ever received.

[1:07:00] Their proudest moment.

[1:07:56] Their hardest moment.

[1:09:16] Their favorite self-care rituals.

[1:11:38] What ignites Timmi and Heather.


Relationship Tip of the Week

You need to find your own formula and the thing that works for you. Over and over again we get advice about how things should unfold. Stop believing what everybody else tells you will (or has to) work for you. Stay open to ideas and absorb information from other people instead. Pay attention and be intuitive to what is actually creating the kind of experiences that you want in your life. Listen to yourself, listen to your partner, build that trust, and build a safe place to figure out how to take all that information from the outside and create your own version of it.


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