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Nov 15, 2019

Today I’m going to talk about something kind of personal. And the reason this topic is coming up today because we get this question a ton, and that is: ‘Are you a doctor?’ And it’s sort of a lot more of a convoluted answer than anyone would really expect.


So in this episode, I’m addressing this question! And I hope, once and for all, this clarifies the specifics of how I got to be in this weird little place as Dr. Adi Jaffe — not the M.D. version; the Ph.D. version — who’s not a licensed psychologist, but works with people and coaches them to deal with their relationships, mental health, addictions, and struggles.


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Topics Discussed:

[:43] About today’s topic.

[4:35] Going back to the beginning of my addiction: how my criminal past affected my education path.

[12:32] How my past affected my career path.

[22:25] How often this comes up in my life still and why I wanted to do this episode.

[26:00] If you like this topic, screenshot this podcast, tag me on social media, and let me know how your specific situation fits into this same mold.


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