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May 20, 2020

In this episode, we’re excited to be joined by Andy Mant, the founder of BLUblox an Australian-based blue light blocking glasses company that is known to have the world’s most advanced blue light glasses!

What we love about Andy’s story is that his company was built from a personal need. He was suffering from terrible sleep, felt lethargic all the time, and was in the worst physical shape of his life. When he discovered that blue light emitted from our screens could be the cause of many of the issues he was facing, he set out to find the perfect blue light blocking glasses but, they just weren’t out there. They weren’t actually blocking the correct frequencies. So the only solution, of course, was to create his own product! Now his company, BLUblox, is touting lenses that are actually backed by science and have years of research to show for it.


We really hope you all tune in to learn more about this incredible technology and Andy’s journey! We really get into the benefits of blocking out blue light, how different kinds of light impact us both short term and long term, some of the common light sensitivity issues many people face (but might not even know it), how light impacts our circadian rhythm, and the profound effect that blocking blue light throughout our day can have on our health.


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Topics Discussed:

[:01] About our new IGNTD Family SOS Program.

[3:20] About today’s episode with Andy Mant!

[3:50] Reading our review of the week.

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[5:36] Sophie shares her quote of the week with us.

[7:05] About today’s episode and guest!

[12:11] The conversation portion of the podcast!

[12:40] Andy walks us through his journey of creating the BLUblox glasses.

[18:27] Andy shares how quickly you can notice the benefits of BLUblox lenses as well as what all of the benefits are.

[19:50] Andy shares a story of a BLUblox customer and how the glasses changed their life.

[20:50] The profound impact light has on our lives.

[22:38] Andy highlights some common light sensitivities issues.

[25:15] What our sleep should look like.

[27:44] Our circadian rhythm and the other biological components to how light impacts us.

[32:25] Andy speaks about melatonin in relation to light.

[35:51] What blue light exposure does to us long-term.

[37:56] The science behind how blue light is throwing off our natural Circadian rhythm.

[43:11] Andy describes the flicker effect from LEDs.

[49:53] What is the best advice Andy has ever received?

[50:43] What has been Andy’s proudest moment to-date?

[51:21] What has been Andy’s most challenging moment?

[52:12] Andy shares some of his self-care practices.

[53:04] What gets Andy ignited?

[54:11] Thanking Andy for joining the podcast!

[54:52] Take a screenshot of the podcast and let us know your favorite key takeaway from today’s episode!

[55:13] Where to find Andy Mant online.


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