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Sep 19, 2018

Today we’re talking about rituals, inspired by our recent birthday-filled weekend getaway. Sometimes the connection between you and your partner can be stifled with the addition of other little humans that need attention. So recently, we had to shed some layers back, rejuvenate, and cleanse.


Speaking of, we have Lan Belinky on the show today to talk about another type of ritual (that involves lots of rejuvenation and cleansing): skin care!


Lan serves as the General Manager and sits on the Board of Directors at Boscia. Her father founded the company 15 years ago from their family’s garage and spare bedroom, and it has since grown into a massive, international company, with its popularity spreading all the way from Japan to America. In fact, you may already know them from their viral-hit: the black charcoal mask.


Boscia stands for botanical science. They believe in the power of plants. They’re preservative-free in the sense that they don’t use any chemicals or preservatives, and they strive to make skin care fun, simple, and clean.


This episode, we talk about beauty rituals and get really in-depth about what clean beauty is, the difference in beauty culture from the east to the west, Lan’s life growing up around skincare and climbing her way up in the business, why more ingredients doesn’t always mean better, and Boscia’s philosophies behind skin care.


Topics Discussed:

[1:48] About our recent birthday-filled weekend!

[8:31] About the recent time we took to reconnect sexually and work through our layers of rejuvenation and cleansing.

[13:46] The importance of continually choosing your life over and over again.

[14:28] Find your ritual: the relationship tip of the week.

[18:50] Shifting the conversation into skincare rituals, and about our topic and guest.

[22:35] The conversation part of the podcast with Lan, of Boscia skincare.

[25:18] Lan tells us about her background and the difference between Eastern and Western beauty.

[27:28] How early does one begin taking part in skin care rituals in Asian culture?

[28:43] Lan explains some skincare basics: the difference between an oil-based and water-based cleanser, and why it is key to cleanse before applying skin care.

[32:46] The next step after cleansing, and the difference between skin care application in the east and west.

[35:28] About Lan’s life growing up around skin care, and working her way up in Boscia.

[39:35] Lan’s role in the company and about her unique perspective and journey in working in skincare.

[41:38] What is “clean beauty,” exactly?

[42:20] Why simpler ingredients make for healthier skin but tend to challenge the norm.

[44:41] Where to start with applying, using, and buying clean products.

[47:47] The general shift in society from man-made to clean and natural.

[50:27] If it’s not giving you skincare benefits, Boscia is not going to put it into their skincare. How Boscia creates their skincare using real, natural ingredients.

[54:14] Lan’s thoughts on Korean spas and the Korean skincare regime.

[56:05] About Japanese hospitality culture: omotenashi.

[59:09] The best advice Lan has ever received.

[1:00:33] Lan’s proudest moment to-date.

[1:03:45] Lan’s hardest moment to-date.

[1:04:23] Lan’s top two self care rituals.

[1:05:20] What gets Lan ignited?

[1:05:52] Special, IGNTD listeners only, 20% off Boscia coupon code!

[1:06:17] About Boscia’s new product to launch in January.


Relationship Tip of the Week

Find your ritual. It can be a staycation with your partner, a skincare regime at the end of your day, or anything else in between. But you have to find a ritual that rewards you, gives you the space, and gives you the ability to reconnect with your partner. Really go discover the rituals that work for you because they’re incredibly important. When you start creating these rituals around your life, you’ll notice an elevation in the way your body responds to all of these things because it begins to become a normal part of your everyday routine.


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