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Feb 27, 2019

Relationships are like art and food — they shouldn’t have rules. They should be about exploring and experiencing each other’s flavors and beauty, and shadows and light. They’re fluid, always changing, and adapting. And today’s guest helps us explore this topic amazingly well.


Claire Olshan is an inspiring entrepreneur with a passion for snacking, wellness, and fashion. Her company, DADA Daily, is all about chic, functional snack food set out to break the rules of health food trends. With DADA Daily, eating is no longer guilt-ridden; it’s fun! Some of their snacks include hot turmeric cabbage petals, crispy almond butter brussels sprouts, and matcha latte truffles. So not only are these snacks delicious and aesthetically pleasing — but they’re healthy too!


In today’s conversation, Claire definitely brings a unique viewpoint to the topics of health foods, snacking, aesthetics, and dieting. She’s incredibly interesting to listen to and has some super valuable insights and takeaways! We hope you’ll join us!


Topics Discussed:

[2:20] About Sophie’s recent Mexico trip.

[3:20] Giving thanks to our wonderful assistants for making everything possible!

[4:15] Sharing a small story from this week’s fan-of-the-week!

[5:54] About today’s show and guest.

[15:15] The conversation portion of the podcast with Claire!

[15:23] How Sophie and Claire met.

[16:02] Claire introduces herself and her brand, DADA Daily.

[18:00] How Claire was able to merge her multiple interests and start on a new path.

[21:05] How long has DADA Daily been around?

[21:25] What were some of Claire’s challenges prior to launching DADA Daily? And how did her passion for health foods form?

[25:33] Why it is so important to eat for you and not subscribe to one label.

[32:37] Claire’s food journey and her take on why you should not fear food!

[34:04] The biggest transformation Claire had, relating to food.

[36:39] The pillars of DADA Daily.

[38:22] About Claire’s amazing DADA Daily snacks!

[39:22] Snacking — it’s all about balance. Claire and Sophie discuss the similarities of the philosophies behind their brands.

[49:15] The best advice Claire has ever received.

[51:38] Claire’s proudest moment to-date.

[53:19] Claire’s hardest moment to-date.

[54:54] Claire’s self-care rituals.

[56:56] What ignites Claire.

[58:18] Screenshot this episode, tag us ( and Claire (@Claire_Olshan) and let us know what your biggest takeaway was from today’s episode!


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