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May 16, 2018

We’ve got a fun episode this week! We’re talking with Ashay — a life coach-esque, healing, inspiring woman whose life revolves around helping other women through health, diet, and sexuality. She’s now partnering with her partner Lucian, and they’re connecting about relationships and sexuality in their own unique, authentic way. They’re a relatively new couple but their soulful connection is very deep.

This episode, Ashay and Lucian talk about feminine and masculine energy, reigniting the passion in their relationship, naming the different sides of themselves (and how naming these different sides can benefit your relationship and help communicate your current state), how being present and vulnerable is one of the most important things you can do in your relationship, and actionable tips to employ in your life to better address triggers and be open to receiving.

Lots of interesting topics come up in today’s conversation. We talk about what can you do to begin reconnecting to all the different sides of yourself that you’ve been neglecting over the years, getting over your fears and stop them from holding you back, and how to let go of expectations and embrace change.


It’s our absolute honor to have this inspiring couple in today’s episode so we hope you enjoy it as much as we did talking with them!


Topics Discussed:

[:35] About our inspiring guest couple today, Ashay and Lucian, and what we’ll be talking about this episode.

[12:42] Welcoming our guests, Ashay and Lucian, and they tell us about what they’ve been up to.

[17:22] How did Ashay and Lucian meet?

[20:58] Ashay and Lucian’s ‘waves’ (experiences) before the growth in their relationship, and learning to be present and let go of expectations.

[30:45] How you need to put work into the relationship to truly “show up.” And some of the parallels between their relationship and ours.

[35:40] About Ashay and Lucian’s e-book, Triggered — and about how triggers can lead to positive change.

[38:44] Balancing and opening up to their masculinity and femininity and learning to “just be” in a relationship.

[44:08] What Ashay and Lucian’s communication is like since opening up to each other’s different sides and embracing all aspects of their personalities.

[49:22] Actionable tips to employ in your life in terms of handling and addressing triggers, and being open to receiving.

[53:28] Developing emotional intelligence and being open to sharing our feelings.

[57:30] Be present, be you, be vulnerable, and check in with yourself and your partner.

[1:00:48] Another actionable tip Lucian and Ashay practice in their relationship.

[1:01:53] The best advice Lucian and Ashay have ever received.

[1:03:22] Lucian and Ashay’s proudest relationship moment.

[1:05:40] What has been one of the hardest moments in Lucian and Ashay’s relationship?

[1:07:16] What are their self-care rituals (each, as individuals)?

[1:10:04] What gets Lucian and Ashay ignited?


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