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Sep 25, 2020

Today we’re talking about boundaries, which can oftentimes be an uncomfortable topic for those who are a family member of someone who is struggling with addiction.


When families come to us for help with a loved one who is struggling, defining and communicating boundaries are not only the most critical pieces to the puzzle but the most difficult to uphold. However, it is crucial that we change the way we behave and break old habits around our boundaries in order for everybody to heal.


In today’s episode, we’re discussing the role of boundaries, how to set them, how to protect them, and what to do when these boundaries are challenged.


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Topics Discussed:

[:35] About today’s episode.

[1:18] My background with boundaries.

[3:30] What we’ll be covering in today’s episode.

[3:52] Why it can be so difficult to set and communicate boundaries.

[7:28] Why this concept of boundaries is so vitally important to the person you’re trying to support in recovery.

[10:30] What you’ve got to become good at when it comes to your boundaries.

[11:07] An additional tip: don’t expect this to be an all-or-nothing thing.

[11:58] My challenge to you: what can you do to start applying some of these boundaries in areas of your life?

[12:28] Please reach out to us on IGNTD if you need any additional help.

[12:42] Reach out to me on social media and let me know what worked, what you applied, and what the results were.


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