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Nov 29, 2017

Today, we’re talking about passion. There are many forms of passion but the kind we really want to focus on is the passion to follow your heart and do what you love.

Sophie and I have always followed our passions; chasing what excites us, chasing what lights us up, and really choosing that path that ignites us. In this episode, we talk about how we’ve followed that passion and what that has led to for us. We also talk about why some people do not follow that passion — or feel like they can’t. Many people have a sense of where they want to go but feel that it’s impossible to get there; they feel stuck. They know they’re unhappy at the moment but cannot see the road that gets them to happiness. Sophie and I lend our insights on how people can evolve past this — the first step is believing that you can.

Our guest today, Dr. Evan Antin, is super passionate about animals. He has given up a lot but has also gotten a lot from his love of animals. He was also voted People Magazine 2014’s Sexiest Vet Alive. We first met Evan 10 years ago — before he was a vet — on a birthright trip in Israel, with his girlfriend Nathalie. We all connected right away — and have remained friends since.

Evan truly follows his passion, he has over one million followers on Instagram but remains true to his passion — 95% of his pictures are of him with animals! In this episode, we explore what that explosion of social media attention was like for Evan over the last three years, the opportunities that have arisen for him, how he has stayed grounded through it all, and how his passion has carried him through to success.

Topics Discussed:

[1:46] Introduction to our topic, passion.

[2:29] Sophie’s innate need for following her passion throughout her entire life.

[4:00] How I’ve followed my passion and felt directed to a certain path.

[7:56] What holds people back from their passions: losing sight and the fear of pursuing.

[12:31] Our guest today, Dr. Evan Antin.

[14:45] I introduce our guest, Dr. Evan Antin and he speaks his reaction to becoming known as ‘The Sexiest Vet Alive’ and gaining over 200,000 Instagram followers in just two weeks.

[18:16] Evan’s extreme passion for animals that became his career.

[20:12] Growing up with animals, discovering what he loved to do, and pursuing his passion.

[23:16] Always pursuing his passion: Working with animals even outside of his work.

[25:10] How life has changed for Dr. Evan Antin from his large media exposure.

[29:26] Evan’s goals today.

[31:41] Evan’s interaction with his followers.

[35:13] The other type of Evan’s followers, his online persona, and staying grounded.

[41:22] Evan’s secret future projects, future TV appearances, trips, and talks.

[46:13] The best advice Evan’s ever received.

[47:17] Evan’s exercise regime and diet.

[50:16] Some of Evan’s proudest moments.

[54:18] Evan’s self-care rituals.

[56:18] What Evan’s workout routine looks like.

[58:23] What gets Evan IGNTD.


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