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Nov 27, 2018

We have an amazing guest on today who really, really inspires us. We’re so excited to introduce you all to her and hear her inspiring words.


Elena Brower is a yoga instructor, a best-selling author, and is doing really great work in the world. Her best-selling book, Practice You, is filled with her beautiful artwork and works as a map to discovering your highest self. Her other books, Art of Attention and Better Apart (that she co-authored), are also incredible resources and transformative in nature — we highly recommend you check them all out!


In this episode, we talk about all of the changes in her life; what she’s been into; her drug use and sobriety; some of the contents and lessons of her books; her journey as an artist, author, and yogi; her recommendations for leading a more fulfilling and grounded life; as well as some of her own self-care rituals and best pieces of advice.


Topics Discussed:

[1:44] An update on our life and tough weekend around the California wildfires.

[9:40] About our amazing guest today.

[12:03] We urge you to reach out and help those in the California wildfires if possible. Our thoughts and good wishes go out to those affected by the fires and the recent shooting.

[15:49] The conversation segment of the episode!

[16:06] Sophie introduces Elena Brower and some of the amazing work she has done.

[16:45] About Elena’s other book, Better Apart.

[19:09] About the main principles that make up Better Apart.

[23:03] Talking weather and what Elena will be getting up to soon.

[24:34] Elena takes us through her journey.

[26:50] About Elena’s sobriety.

[27:28] How Elena’s practice has changed since her sobriety.

[28:28] When Elena first discovered that her substance use was causing problems in her life.

[30:13] How Elena quit … and how sometimes quitting is as simple as just quitting!

[37:28] About Elena’s journey into bringing her sobriety public.

[38:53] Elena speaks about her background and journey as an artist and how Practice You: A Journal came about.

[41:43] About Elena’s mom and her influence on Practice You.

[44:16] Elena’s ideal way to plan out her day.

[45:54] Some of the best advice Elena has ever received.

[49:53] What has been Elena’s proudest moment? (And one more piece of advice!)

[52:28] What has been Elena’s most difficult moment?

[55:37] Elena’s self-care rituals that help ground her.

[59:59] What ignites Elena?


Mentioned in this Episode:

Elena Brower

Practice You: A Journal, by Elena Brower

Better Apart: The Radically Positive Way to Separate, by Gabrielle Hartley with Elena Brower

How to Help California Fire Victims


The Abstinence Myth, by Dr. Adi Jaffe

“Elena Brower: The Ritual of Recovery” (Video)


Art of Attention, by Elena Brower

“I’m Just a Middle-Aged Dad Addicted to Pot,” by Neal Pollack (NYTimes)

Voice Lessons for Parents: What to Say, How to Say it, and When to Listen,
by Wendy Mogal Ph.D.

Lauren Handel Zander

Prayers of Honoring Grief, by Pixie Lighthorse


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