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Feb 19, 2020

We’re so excited about today’s guest! Yung Pueblo is a meditator, writer, and speaker. He takes to social media to share his innermost thoughts and poetry. His content is inspiring, vulnerable, relatable, raw, and truthful. Seriously, if you don’t already follow him online start now!


What is so special about Yung Pueblo is that he just started posting his thoughts on his blog, never really thinking it was going to become anything. But his work shows the true power of vulnerability and, in turn, attracted an audience of over 650K on Instagram alone! If you look at his entire feed, it’s innermost thoughts and he really shares his heart.


In this episode, we’re really focusing on this concept of vulnerability becoming your true power and Yung Pueblo’s mission of normalizing mental well-being and self-care. We also unpack concepts around spirituality, getting unstuck from past habits and patterns that are holding us back, finding your own method and tools for healing, the importance of carving out time for yourself to practice self-care, and learning how to discover your happiness through your inner world. It was an incredibly insightful episode that we hope you’ll all tune in for!


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Topics Discussed:

[:35] About today’s episode.

[1:12] Find a quote from our guest, Yung Pueblo, that resonates with you and share it on social media (and be sure to tag all of us too!)

[1:50] Reading our review of the week.

[2:18] About our guest today, Yung Pueblo!

[3:32] Sharing a quote that reminds us of Yung Pueblo.

[4:16] The concept of vulnerability becoming your power.

[5:19] The importance of normalizing mental health and wellness.

[5:38] What we’ve recently learned about anxiety.

[10:00] The conversation portion of the podcast.

[11:00] Yung speaks about how he has cultivated his craft through social media and found healing through sharing his innermost feelings online.

[14:11] Yung shares some of what he learned early on from when he first started sharing his thoughts publically.

[15:49] What spirituality is to Yung and how he speaks about it in his work.

[17:10] The importance and effectiveness of self-care.

[19:10] How do we stay clear on our path when we’re constantly bombarded with information?

[22:09] Unpacking spirituality and how Yung keeps the language open so that many people can relate to his messages.

[26:45] Yung shares his thoughts and advice on healing from the past and getting unstuck from negative habits and patterns.

[31:23] Talking growing pains and taking the time to carve out healing for you.

[36:01] The real truth behind “money can’t buy happiness” and how to discover your happiness through your inner world.

[37:11] How to find the healing methods and tools that work the best for you.

[39:56] What were some of Yung’s anchors for his depression and anxiety in the past? And what was the process to release them?

[42:49] Having done all this inner-searching, is Yung now aware of what he was trying to ignore internally or run away from?

[47:26] The importance of being equipped with the tools we need to self-heal.

[52:04] Why Yung shares the way he does.

[53:38] What has been Yung’s proudest moment to-date?

[55:15] What has been one of Yung’s most difficult moments to-date?

[56:45] The best advice Yung has ever received.

[58:33] Yung shares his favorite self-care practices.

[1:00:30] What gets Yung ignited?

[1:01:50] Thanking Yung for joining the podcast!

[1:02:15] Be sure to screenshot this podcast, tag all of us, and let us know what resonated with you the most!


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