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Mar 20, 2020

One of the things I try to do on this podcast is present you with completely different approaches to recovery and improvement of mental health. So, just like last week, I'm inviting on another guest to share their thoughts and insights on the topic!


Matt Simpson is an author, speaker, and transformational coach. His 2019 book, Worth The Fight: Acting for a Better World, A Guide to Spirituality, Psychedelic Medicines, and Overcoming Trauma, provides invaluable insights and tools to overcome trauma and up-level your game. He also does some amazing, amazing work with veterans through plant medicine work where he focuses on inner work.


In this episode, Matt and I have a very frank conversation and we discuss several topics on the themes of healing through hallucinogens, facing your shadows, early life trauma vs. stereotypical masculine programming, the trauma that veterans face, and how to find what works for you in your own journey of healing.


My hope for this podcast is to bring you new ways of thinking about recovery that you may have never heard about before… and I know this episode with Matt hits that mark!


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Topics Discussed:

[:40] About today’s episode!

[2:49] Welcoming Matt Simpson to the podcast.

[3:27] Matt introduces himself and shares what led him to the path that he is on today.

[6:00] My experience with hallucinogenics.

[8:05] Why Matt believes there is no such thing as a ‘bad trip.’

[9:04] As Matt was going through his journey, what did plant medicine and psychedelics mirror to him? What did this healing work help him address? And how did it ultimately lead him to this collective veteran soul-healing mission?

[12:40] How hallucinogens can help us face our shadows — which is where these profound lessons and growth are found.

[13:41] How people get stuck in a life that they hate.

[16:20] How these drugs can help us acknowledge and recognize our struggles (i.e. face our shadows) instead of hiding or running away from them.

[19:04] Matt speaks about what is possible with this veteran collective soul-healing mission. He also speaks about the trauma that many veterans face.

[21:00] Why Matt is hopeful for the future.

[24:25] Early life trauma vs. stereotypical masculine programming.

[27:55] Matt’s main lesson: Whatever it is, find the thing that works for you in your healing journey.

[30:18] Matt’s final words of wisdom about the importance of shedding your mask to connect with yourself and others.

[31:54] Where to find Matt online.

[32:19] Matt plugs the veteran project he advocates for: The Heroic Hearts Project (HHP).

[33:07] Thanking Matt for joining us in this episode!


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